New Cybercrime Metrics Act signed by Joe Biden


Over the last decade, cyber-crime has experienced an exponential year over year growth. Many criminals get caught every year for numerous types of crimes conducted using a computer. Despite that, cyber-criminals targeted by the governments tend to be higher profile criminals. This includes experienced hackers, or hacking groups that manage to cost their victims millions. In early May, Joe Biden signed the 'Better Cybercrime Metrics Act', which is designed to change this.

About the Cyber-crime Metrics Act

The Cyber-crime metrics act is mainly designed to tackle cyber-crime on all scales. This is done by encouraging people to report, and law enforcement agencies to take action against all cyber-crime. The new bill also encourages local law enforcement to report such crime to the FBI. James Turgal, the former executive assistant and director of the FBI made a statement on the bill. He stated that in theory this bill combined with the recent Cyber Incident Reporting for Critical Infrastructure Act of 2022 will force critical infrastructure industry workers to report cyber-crime within specified timeframes.

This act is also designed to help the FBI build a large cyber-crime database. This includes categorizing all sorts of crime by type, and severity. The cyber-crime metrics act also tries to gather more data on cyber-crime from the general public. This will be done by adding cyber-crime related questions to the 'National Crime Victimization Survey'. The NCVS is a survey conducted yearly in the US, and involves asking households general crime questions. This database is mostly designed to help law enforcement track potential threats, and recover lost assets.

Recent Cybersecurity Threats

There is no surprise that such a bill was signed by the president. This is the second such bill this year, following the American Cybersecurity Act of 2022. The US government had to do something to show its interest in tackling the increasing problem of cyber-crime. The last few years were embarrassing for American corporations. Hackers have costed them millions, with production lines being shut down, and oil pipeline use being halted. These acts also come amid a growing threat of Russian cyber-attacks against the US.


At this point it is a well known fact to everyone that cyber-crime has been on the rise for years. With the price paid to hackers following the same growth path, governments are struggling to find ways to tackle this problem. The latest bill passed by the US is by no means revolutionary, but is expected to make tackling cyber-crime a fair bit easier in some cases.




Aug. 29, 2022


July 2, 2022