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Not long after the first news broke out about Hydras seizure, competitors started rushing to fill in the spot. Having been the largest dark-net market, taking that spot isn't easy. Despite that, it seems like promising competitors are already starting to appear. OMG!OMG! is the newest such market, bringing many useful features, in an amazing package. Being based in Russia, the market quickly started growing, and taking Hydras spot.

About OMG!OMG! Market

OMG!OMG! is not a new market, being around since early 2021. Despite it's early release, the market has stayed out of the spotlight, mainly due to Hydras market share in the region. Now that Hydra was seized, the market finally made it to the spotlight. Despite being based in Russia, OMG!OMG! is an international market, available in most countries. The market offers both English and Russian language support.

Design & Interface

OMG!OMG! is one of the first dark-net markets to perfect both the design and interface. Featuring a modern, and responsive design the market looks modern and very well built. The market features a search bar at the top. When searching for a product, an advanced search query appears on the left of the page. Next to the search bar you can find your profile icon with a drop down menu. The drop down menu contains all of your account options and settings. Bellow that is a category bar with all the product categories featured on the market. Overall, OMG!OMG is one of the, if not the best designed dark-net market.

omg!omg! market homepage

Features & Security

OMG!OMG! can be a normal dark-net market, with sellers that ship all around the world, but there is one feature that makes it different. What made hydra special is a thing called instant transactions, and this feature can also be found here. How it works is you select your region, and you will see sellers in your area that support it. Basically sellers place their product all around the city in well hidden areas. This means that you can receive the product as soon as you pay. After payment, buyers instantly receive coordinates, a picture and instructions on how to find the item.

Other than instant transactions, OMG!OMG! is a fairly standard marketplace. For payments only bitcoin is accepted. The market features a built in wallet and does not support direct deposit payments. Traditional escrow support is also present. PGP support is built into the market and can be used for message encryption and 2FA. One security feature unique to this market is called the kamikaze password. You can configure it in your account settings and it can be used in emergency situations to destroy your account. One example is when logging in under law enforcement pressure.


OMG!OMG! seems like a very promising marketplace. The design and interface are perfected, and it has more features than standard markets. What makes this market unique are instant transactions, but it is unclear if they will pick up around the world. Currently OMG!OMG! has over 1,000 listings and is growing rapidly help to hydras decline.

Details about OMG!OMG!

Item Type Status
Started Operating 2021 · January · 20
Currencies accepted BTC
Status UP
Escrow Yes
Multisig No
2FA Yes

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By: Петя

Rated: 5/5

On: Sept. 14, 2022


By: Iricjrje

Rated: 4/5

On: Sept. 7, 2022

By: Gerold

Rated: 5/5

On: Sept. 3, 2022

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On: Aug. 30, 2022

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On: July 29, 2022

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On: July 21, 2022

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On: July 14, 2022

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On: July 10, 2022

By: Flow

Rated: 1/5

On: July 8, 2022

Херня полная

By: batman

Rated: 3/5

On: July 8, 2022

никогда онлайн! Сокровища в опасном месте!!

By: User420

Rated: 1/5

On: July 7, 2022

Не работающее говно

By: Egorchikbeshenyi

Rated: 3/5

On: July 6, 2022

Не могу зайти в личный кабинет после пополнение баланса в личном кабинете. Пишет что данные введены не правильно. Не смотря на то что данные введены корректно.

By: pol

Rated: 3/5

On: July 3, 2022


By: Oldbarrel777

Rated: 5/5

On: June 27, 2022

By: Samoosman

Rated: 3/5

On: June 25, 2022

By: Zabrat05

Rated: 3/5

On: June 17, 2022

Работает не стабильно, в аккаунт не возможно зайти. Куча багов.