The Red Cross struck by Cyber-Attack - Over half a million affected


Once again a major cyber-attack took place compromising the data belonging to over half a million people. Unfortunately the people compromised by this attack are highly vulnerable as their data got leaked from the Red Cross organization. The list mainly contains data of people that had to separate from their families due to conflicts and disasters.

About the Red Cross

The Red Cross organization is internationally known for the support it provides to families in need. It is a non profit based in Switzerland, funded by international donors, and run by thousands of volunteers. The group mainly focuses on families affected by war, or other major disasters. The group helps by providing aid to affected family and reuniting them.

About the Attack

The threat-actors specifically targeted a contractor of the Red Cross that is located in Switzerland. This breach forced the organization to pause their program reuniting families. This is really unfortunate as according to the organization at-least 12 families are reunited daily.

What worries cyber-security experts the most is are the potential threats these vulnerable groups now face. The main threat is that the data of these people will end-up on the dark-net and more harm will be caused to them. According to the organization no ransomware was involved in this hack.

The Red Cross said that it is unclear who is behind the attack, but that it's really worrying that such an organization was targeted. Some suspect that hackers from a hostile country or even terrorists are behind the breach. The director of the organization made a statement directed to the hackers. He stated “do the right thing”, asking the hackers no to leak, or sell any information.

A former cyber-warfare adviser for the group made a statement to CNN about the latest breach. He stated that this is the largest attack in the history of the organization. He also noted that this is probably the most sensitive attack on any humanitarian organization to date.


In the past 2 years we have seen the most cyber-attacks in history. This shows that hackers are targeting whatever they can get their hands on. The latest attack on the Red Cross also proves that many hackers lack morals and will try getting access to whatever deemed vulnerable. At the moment, no data accessed from the organization has been leaked or published for sale. It is still unclear if the hackers will try to profit from the breach. Many people are really worried that the people affected are at risk, especially if the culprits behind the attack are terrorists.