Dual Exit Scam - Monopoly and Cartel markets exit after DDoS attack


Monopoly and Cartel market have both been around for a while and have become some of the most trusted, and popular marketplaces. Both markets started 2022 with a twist by exit scamming. This is a rare sight as two of the largest market just vanished at roughly the same time.

The signs of an Exit Scam

Users of both markets started suspecting that something was off weeks ago after both were struck by a large-scale DDoS attacks. The attacks took place right before the new-year. Since then, no one has heard anything from any market owners. The odd thing is that at that time of the attack, changes were made to the sub-dreads of both marketplaces.

It first started with the Monopoly market on the 28th of December. Users were reporting the error "X’F0’ Onion Service Descriptor Can Not be Found" while trying to access the market. Right after these reports surfaced, the Dread founder locked the markets sub-dread. A lot of speculation was going on at the time, when an admin came online and started 'debunking' everything, claiming that Monopoly was only down for a few hours. The market never came back online.

Right when all this drama was taking place, Cartel market went offline, and their admin disappeared never to be heard from again. Users of the Cartel marketplace started reporting "error 502" while trying to access the market. Right before all this took place, a staff member of the market made a post claiming that the market was suffering from a large DDoS attack.


No much has been heard from the admins of both marketplaces at this point. Most users are certain this is an exit scam, while some are speculating that the markets got seized by authorities. It is unclear at the moment and it may always remain as such. Some users are still holding their fingers crossed, waiting for the markets to come back online despite it being highly unlikely.


This is certainly yet another exit scam. Usually, when a market is under attack, its admins are active on dread comforting users. This is not the case with these markets. It is really odd for two large markets to exit scam at the same time but nothing too crazy. The DDoS attacks could have very well been real, and were just used as a reason for the markets to exit scam. This has been a common occurrence in the past as many markets have exit-scammed after experiencing attacks.