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Ares market is a new dark-net marketplace that just launched in August. An admin of the market presented it as a platform built by vendors for vendors. The market claims that most competitor platforms are built by people with no experience in the industry. The admins of this market claim to have 25 years of experience in the industry.


Ares is trying to be a simple marketplace with just about everything you need to shop on the dark-net. It is built this way to attract even the most inexperienced dark-net users. The market has a very wide variety of products. With over 60 categories, you can find anything from illicit substances, to digital content.

Design & Interface

Ares is a very unique looking dark-net market. The design is very simple but inconsistent in some places. Overall, major improvements can be made. Some elements can also break when resizing the browser window. As for the interface, it's a different story. Ares is really simple to navigate. The market contains a basic top-bar with all the account options needed, and a side-bar with all the product categories.

Ares Market Homepage

Features & Security

When it comes to features, Ares does not stand out at all. The market is really basic on this scale and does not feature anything special. Basic security features like PGP encryption for messages and 2FA login are present. The market is completely wallet-less. Both Bitcoin and Monero are supported but the use of Monero is encouraged. This is due to its more privacy oriented nature of the cryptocurrency. QR code payments are supported.


Ares is the most basic marketplace we have seen in a long time. The admins claim that this is for simplicity, and to not scare away new users. The administrators of the market mentioned that an I2P version of the market is also being prepared. Despite the lack of features, Ares has been growing steadily and currently has over 1,500 listings. If the market keeps growing at this pace it might become one of the largest marketplaces. In such a case we expect major improvements to the design and functionality of the market.

Details about Ares

Item Type Status
Name Ares
Started Operating 2021 · August · 10
Status UP


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Ares also claims to be able to send in monero (XMR) but I could only see the option to pay in bitcoin.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Think all the reviews claiming scam are fake probably from competitors. Had no problems with deposits or receiving orders. Happy shopping!

Complete garbage, pissed away 50 nucks , i new it was weird when i made the order admins are FXD too. delete ticket with in an hour. I know a sour DM when i order from one, vendors and custy's steer far way from here.

Dont trust the postivie feedback here guys. I got scammed from Ares Team.. After i send the btc and logged off, next day there was another btc adress. My purchases was canceled now and money is gone.. f*ck this s*it and dont trust them!

★ ★

All good, except one vendor has not shipped a product I ordered 6 weeks ago. Helpdesk asked for the order number, but there are no order numbers. That was 2 weeks ago, now helpdesk is not responding. My money is stuck in escrow and I cannot get it out.

I got scammed too. One of the comments below is they keep changing the wallet on the order so when you send it the 1st time, you see a different wallet later. I noticed that too bu too late. I think they scam some but not others. it establishes some credibility. My vendor from asap says dont trust them but its too late. I only lost $80

I have used markets for 8 years. So I know how not to get phished. My alias is andromeda100 on ARES and they Scammed me. I orderd from vendor whiterepublic and sent what they told me and after a day its still unpaid. I even sent a little more as vendor whiterepublic told me and still "unpaid". 18 confirmations. And they dont answer tickets. This is why i order small on new markets. Direct pay is not as safe as we think. Worldmarket taught us that. ASAP is still the only safe one IMO. ARES is quick and loads fast but are scammers

★ ★

ALSO BEWARE OF ARES changing btc addresses to original order WHEN YOU CHECK the paid status. . When I log out and then log in later, the send to address in the order is a different one. I ordered from WhiteRepublic and had conversations with him when i log in. He told me to send a little more due to market fluxuations. That didnt work. ARES is a scamming for sure. They dont answer tickets. This is what WORLDMARKET Did. Dircet pay is not safe as we think. Back to ASAP for me and be carefull, you better order small to minimize losses.

lol. ARES just cancelled my order as unpaid. I sent them funds yesterday and a few $$$ extra due to market fluxuations. They are scamming for sure. I did add my address so if my funds dont coem back then its see what Worldmarket did. Probably the same scammers . Im glad Im not a vendor . This is why I order very small

100% scam! Order from global dreams....

Yes ares is scamming....

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Bad reviews here about Ares? Bullshit! Best market now simple!

Scam market There changing vendors Wallet address Prices of crap