US Authorities hack infamous REVil ransomware group




About Revil

REvil, one of the world's most infamous ransomware groups, is said to have been infiltrated by the US government. REvil was responsible for some of the most high-profile attacks in recent history.

REvil, which is thought to be located in Russia, has been linked to some of the year's most significant cyberattacks. Not long ago, the ransomware group broke into JBS, America's largest beef supplier, and demanded $11 million in ransom.

The ransomware organization went on to stage another attack. This time against global IT service provider Kaseya, seeking a $70 million ransom in exchange for access to the encrypted data.

The Silence

REvil's online services vanished from the internet under mysterious reasons just two weeks after the Kaseya hack.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the United States Secret Service, Cyber Command, and institutions from other countries around the world have been credited with taking down the ransomware group.

REvil's dark web blog, which the hackers used to reveal information stolen from victims, appears to be down as well. Early in the week, reports surfaced that the FBI had hacked the ransomware gang. TechCrunch stated that the REvil onion website had been unreachable.

Otherwise, the law enforcement breach may have started with the discovery of a snapshot of a forum post. The post was made by a suspected leader and claimed that the REvil server has been infiltrated.

What's to come

According to a Reuters article, the discovery might mark a turning point for dark web-facilitated threat organizations that have been posing a threat to government institutions and commercial businesses in the United States and throughout the world.

The new incident mirrors the US government's recent offensive against cybercriminals. The criminals have frightened many businesses with ransomware assaults. In addition to establishing a crypto enforcement team, the US Treasury has increased sanctions aimed at preventing criminals from profiting from hacking attacks.

Nonetheless, it's worth mentioning that the renowned ransomware group's demise may not be complete. According to previous stories, the hacker family has previously disappeared from the dark web, only to reappearance later under mysterious circumstances.

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