Swiss Authorities Force ProtonMail to Provide User Data to US Agencies


In response to rising demand for concealed mail services, the encrypted mail service sector has exploded in recent years. Users of encrypted mail have been seeking for ways to get around the less-than-ideal cybersecurity policies most offer.

The latest ruling

In a novel twist, it appears that intervention by law enforcement agencies has started. Seeking to uncover users' true identities, agencies are compromising the encrypted mail field.

ProtonMail, the leader in the encrypted mail sector, was forced to cooperate with Swiss authorities. The request was that they hand over customers data to US intelligence services.

The user data in question, according to sources, includes the date of registration for a specific user. The user reportedly sent threats of violence to Dr. Anthony Fauci and his family. Dr. Fauci played a major role in the battle against the COVID-19 epidemic.

Protonmails Criminal Accusations

An affidavit filed in the United States District Court for the District of Maryland revealed more information. Thomas Connally spent the last seven months using a ProtonMail account to send frequent attacks to the US government's senior COVID-19 adviser. Threats of gun violence, bodily harm, torture, arson, and murder were made to the US official and his family in the anonymous emails.

Connally's threats were inspired, by his vehement opposition to the COVID-19 "vaccination experiment". In recent times, conspiracy theories about vaccinations have appeared in every corner. Numerous platforms, including the dark web communities are being used to discuss such topics.

Switzerland's efforts in arresting the culprit, who is presently facing a ten-year jail sentence for his crime, was recently highlighted in a Zurich-based German-language national daily Tages-Anzeiger story.

Is ProtonMail Trustworthy?

The most recent occurrence appears to have sparked discussions on the Dread Forum. The discussions are indicating a growing level of unease among dark web users. Users are suspicious about ProtonMail's privacy and future prospects.

ProtonMail's use of Javascript, according to one user, is the main source of concern. Despite the encrypted mail service's promise of a new security assessment that may remedy the problem. Another user, on the other hand, cautioned against using ProtonMail for anything related to the dark-net.

The fact that ProtonMail picked Switzerland as its home base initially influenced a broad sense of confidence among its large user base. Nonetheless, despite the fact that Switzerland is not a member of the Fourteen Eyes Surveillance Alliance, users should not assume that the government is a proponent of digital privacy.

In fact, ProtonMail founder Andy Yen had previously stated that the encrypted mail service was going to relocate its assets from Switzerland. This came as a result of the monitoring regulations implemented in the aftermath of the 2015 Paris terrorist attacks.

The commitment was never kept, and ProtonMail's headquarters remained in Switzerland. This subjected the service to legal obligations related to the requirement to comply with a Swiss surveillance statute that encourages cooperation with US agencies.




Feb. 25, 2022

Are there any good secure email services left that can be accessed on both darkweb and clearnet?

Oct. 11, 2021

This is BAD news. I got a message pertaining a FBI seopina from yahoo corporate. A year later i had a knock on my door, it was the FBI,DEA,Homeland security, and local authorities. Im not dumb enough to say anything on any platform run by big corporations, I.E Google,Gmail,Hotmail, etc. Not only losing the security of protonmail is worrisome, but the fact that they may have the ability to look back at old emails...then i'll be seeing those boys again. ftw.,