Fake Vaccination Certificate Sales Thriving as Mandates Expand


A growing number of companies and government agencies are issuing various types of vaccine mandates. These mandates make it a condition of employment to get the COVID-19 vaccine. In addition, there are many stores, event spaces, airlines, and other businesses that are demanding that people show their vaccination certificate in order to work with them.

These types of mandates are generating a huge amount of controversy, protests, and debates around the world. While it is still unclear whether this trend will continue or if the dwindling threat of COVID will make mandates unnecessary, those who do not want this vaccine are still concerned. One way many people are protecting their employment and other rights is by purchasing a fake vaccination certificate.

What is a Fake Vaccination Certificate?

As the name implies, a fake vaccination certificate is a form of proof that someone has gotten the COVID vaccine even when they haven’t. They are typically sold either as digital certificates that can be printed off or actual physical certificates like the ones that are given out in places where the vaccine is administered.

Some people who sell fake vaccine certificates are only selling the actual certificate. Others are actual doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals who will actually enter the person’s name into the relevant databases. While not all countries have a centralized tracking system for who has and has not gotten the vaccine, this type of tracking is becoming increasingly popular. The growing popularity is leading to a bigger market of people offering this service in addition to the vaccine certificate itself.

Is Buying a Fake COVID Vaccine Certificate Illegal?

The ethical and legal status of buying fake vaccine certificates is still being established in countries around the world. In some places, buying this type of thing is considered faking medical documents, which is illegal. In other places there are no laws in place that prevent you from having a document like this made for you.

Of course, having a fake vaccine certificate is practicing deception, which some people will have a moral or ethical problem with. This is why the rate of people who buy and sell these types of fake certificates varies dramatically from country to country. Thanks to the dark net and anonymous transactions, however, the risk of getting caught even in countries where it is illegal seems to be quite low.

Why do People Want Fake Vaccine Certificates?

There are two main groups of people who are purchasing fake vaccine certificates. They generally have very different reasons why they feel they need to buy this type of certificate, which is illegal in many places and highly discouraged by the authorities in others.

  • People who Don’t Trust the Vaccine – By far the largest group of people who want fake vaccine cards are those who do not trust the vaccine for some reason. They may believe that it is not safe, not properly tested, or just doesn’t work. Others do not trust the companies and governments who are pushing the acceptance of this vaccine. Still others have moral or religious reasons for not wanting to get vaccinated.
  • People who Can’t Get the Vaccine – The other group is made up of those who cannot get vaccinated due to other medical conditions such as an allergy to some component of the vaccine. People in this group do not want to be fired from their job or restricted in what they can do just because they are unable to get a vaccine.

Where are Fake Vaccine Certificates Being Sold?

Fake vaccine certificates are most commonly sold on the dark web, though there is a growing market through traditional online sites as well. A growing number of people are starting to offer these certificates through sites like Instagram, eBay, Facebook groups, and more. As these platforms find people selling, however, they are quickly shut down. This has opened the market to many scammers who claim to be selling a fake vaccine certificate but really are just taking people’s money.

As odd as it may sound, the dark web market is actually much safer for most people. Since sellers of vaccine certificates are not shut down on the dark web, they work hard to build up a strong reputation of providing an excellent product at a reasonable price. The dark web is also a safer option because these vaccine certificates are typically sold using anonymous payment methods such as cryptocurrencies like Monaro and others.




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