The return of AlphaBay - An unexpected market leader

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AlphaBay became infamous after first launching in 2014. The illicit dark-net market was so successful, that it reached a peak of over 400,000 users. The market grew so big, it could not avoid the law enforcement radar for long. In 2017, law enforcement agencies gathered forces and took down the market in what is known today as one of the largest dark-net busts in history. Alexandre Cazes, the Canadian citizen that founded AlphaBay was arrested and sentenced.

AlphaBay resurfaces

It has been 4 years since the operation that took down AlphaBay. Despite the long while, the name was not forgotten. Old administrators from the market decided to work together to relaunch the market. After an announcement on dread, the market came back online and is looking better than ever. The market can be accessed through the traditional Tor network or through I2P.

To gain trust, the administrators of the market are using their original PGP keys that have been used on the original AlphaBay market. The market emphasizes to be the original AlphaBay and not anything else. The distance themselves from fake markets such as Alphabay 2, AlphaBay 2.0, AlphaBay II, AlphaBay Reborn, AlphaBay New, etc.

Design & Interface

The new AlphaBay market is not identical to its original ancestor. Despite maintaining a lot of its original aspects, the design and interface have been improved to meet modern standards. The design of the market is modern and pleasant to look at. The interface is really well designed which makes it one of the easiest markets to navigate. A top bar with all the main navigation is present. On the left-hand side there is a menu containing all the market categories. Bellow that is an advanced search query with a ton of filtering options.

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Security & Features

AlphaBay was always known to be a feature rich marketplace and this tradition continues. The market brings countless of new features that have not been seen before on other markets. To start, the market introduces shared accounts, which allows users or vendors to share an account with multiple users. This is especially useful for stores run by multiple staff members.

AlphaGuard is also a new feature that claims to protect your funds from law enforcement seizures. Each user has his own wallet key, which can be used to access their wallet from a separate AlphaGuard link. The market also introduced a new automated dispute process. A moderator is no longer required as there is an automatic system in place to handle the interactions. Traditional features like escrow and an autoshop are also present.

AlphaBay brags of being a very secure marketplace. The market claims that their security is handled by a man with 20 years of experience in cyber security. The market uses encryption on all communications. Only Monero is accepted as payment to reduce potential risks of tracking. The administrators also claim that the market has an advanced monitoring tool to spot any potential attacks. This will not only help with security, but stability.


The return of AlphaBay came as a huge surprise to many. After being supposedly chocked by law enforcement, no one expected the market to resurface 4 years later. Since its relaunch, the market has gained a lot of trust and is once again on of the most reputable dark-net markets. Currently AlphaBay is growing at an incredible pace and has over 10,000 listings with more than 175,000 users.

Details about AlphaBay

Item Type Status
Name AlphaBay
Started Operating 2021 · August · 13
Currencies accepted XMR
Status DOWN
Escrow Yes
Multisig Yes
2FA Yes


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good as gold old days are back

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Very poor support. I have made 3 transactions to the site and only 1 of them went through in full. Another went through partially (don't know how is that even possible? - their answer was: An attacker was attempting to overflood our wallet page that is why our security firewall might have dropped some requests including deposits/withdraws. We have now improved the wallet module which will make it impossible to trigger the firewall again. ). Last transaction did not go through at all - they do not reply to support ticket. Once the amount is on your account, you can actually trade, but good luck getting the coins over there! Be careful using this site.

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Made my first order. We will see. I like the design, functionality and features so far. Better than most I have seen over the years.

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AKA Nostalgia Marketplace !!! All time best market !!!!

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The best Market good future

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Think this market will take off soon. it's growing quickly

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hope it's true and it's working.. it's been impossible to find a good market lately. they all steal your money through selective scams

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i need to know how to use the site

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WOW it IS BACK can't believe it!! i've made an order and i'm waiting on the vendor to ship it but other than that it looks smooth and super fast. the i2p isnt really fast but i2p is slow network right now anyway