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Royal Market is one of the newest players to join the Dark-Net Market game. After its launch in late April of 2021, the market started blowing up in popularity. Royal Market is not trying to praise itself for any innovatory features, but is trying to become the next dark-net market king. To do so, the market is focused on security, speed and stability. This seems to be paying off as the market already has over 9,500 listings. This includes all types of drugs, counterfeit items, digital goods and services.

Design & Interface

When accessing Royal Market, it doesn't stand out from its competition too much. The market manages to remain simple and modern making it easy for anyone to use. Some design inconsistencies can be spotted around the market but are expected to get fixed in the near future.

royal market home-page

Just like most of its competitors, Royal Market contains a top-bar with all the necessary account options. Bellow, on the homepage, all the product categories are nicely displayed. A filter with multiple options including keyword lookup gives users the ability to easily sort items. Overall, Royal Markets is one of the cleaner markets out there making it easy for new users to navigate.

Features & Security

Royal Market takes security seriously. To start with, no wallet is present on the market. A bitcoin address is only generated when placing an order. Royal does not accept monero at the moment, but the admins claim this will change shortly. Like every market, Royal features traditional escrow support.

When it comes to security, Royal Market takes things seriously. All messages are encrypted using RSA 4096 encryption. On top of that, additional PGP encryption is required to send a message. The PGP key can also be used for 2FA. Additionally, all users can request account deletion which will remove all the data from the markets server. If a vendor fails to log-in for over 2-weeks, this safety-switch is triggered automatically.

One way this market stands out is by not just focusing on the buyers, but also the vendors. After paying a 250 U.S. dollar vendor bond, vendors can access a large number of features allowing them to customize their store. Essentially, Royal Market allows vendors to build sort of a custom store inside the market. Vendors can edit the layout of their store, create custom tags, discount codes and more. The store also provides professional statistics to vendors to track user activity and sales on their stores.


Royal Market is a great new marketplace. Unlike most new markets, Royal is not trying to reinvent the wheel, but is trying to polish the concept of a dark-net market. This was done by focusing on where it matters the most and by polishing the flaws that most dark-net markets have. This seems to be working as the market is drastically growing on a daily basis.

Details about Royal Market

Item Type Status
Name Royal Market
Started Operating 2021 · April · 20
Currencies accepted BTC
Status DOWN
Escrow Yes
Multisig No
2FA Yes

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