How the British Intelligence has been using the Dark-Net


Members of the British Intelligence operatives have reportedly been using the dark-net to their advantage. Despite all the anti dark-net operations, the department is now using it to prove Covid-19 came form a virology lab in Wuhan.


Authorities are now probing the possibility that the virus has escaped from a lab in China. This is a shocking report pledging that Covid-19 has been artificially created by humans.

Looking at the past, many theories have been raised concerning the potential origins of the virus. Initially the idea of a virus leak was dispelled by the majority across different governments. The assumptions that such fears are conspiracy theories are now being challenged. This comes as the intelligence office in Britain is looking to uncover as many details as possible about the origins of the virus.

Reportedly U.S. President Joe Biden has also begun asking for a real investigation into the allegations. All this is to assert that the pandemic was not just caused by a human error.

British Intelligence utilizing the Dark-Net

British Intelligence services have been investigating the allegations from day one. Since day one they have classified the report as 'feasible' rather than remote.

Considering western powers do not have enough intelligence operating on Chinese soil it is not easy to investigate. It was reported that they agency has used a new approach to gather intelligence. By using the dark-net, the British Intelligence could anonymously hire Chinese whistle-blowers.

Historically, the dark-net became synonymous with criminal enterprises. Despite that it also can be used with different intentions. One such latest example is Chinese citizens using it to leak national secrets without the risk of being arrested and prosecuted.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, most have doubted China's sincerity in sharing information. This is both about the origin and the extent of the corona-virus infection within the country.

U.S. sources claim that such information gaps hamper with the efforts invested in fighting the virus. It was also claimed that this lack of information does not help reduce the risk of future pandemics either.

Such concerns can be justified by all the evidence pointing to mass misinformation. The misinformation has played a big role in exacerbating the socioeconomic and health effects of the pandemic.

It is reported that the British Intelligence service is using the dark-net to track Chinese whistle-blowers. This is done in an effort to try and figure out the origin of COVID-19 once and for all. Not much information was released on the investigations.

Dark-web Whistle-blowers

When talking about dark-net whistle-blowers, a few notable examples come to mind. Edward Snowden and Julian Assange are two such examples. Dark-web technology has been instrumental in enabling modern whistle-blowers to share their stories. Under normal circumstances, oppressive regimes arrest or kill any whistle-blowers. This is much harder with the anonymity of the dark-net.

Dead Man Zero is one of the many dark-net hosted whistle-blowing services. The platform works to provide whistle-blowers with the option to have information leaked automatically. This is useful in cases where one is detained, injured or killed by his captors.

Dead Man Zero can only be accessed via the tor network. It operated by allowing users to upload their secret files to a cloud. They are then encrypted and protected with advanced security. To leak any information the whistle-blower is required to add a description to the secret files. These files can then be shared.

Whistle-blowers also receive a unique web-address that they can use to access their secret files. They can manually share them from there or initiate the sharing process automatically.

When the automatic sharing process is initiated, the user has to log in daily. If a whistle-blower fails to log in the files will be automatically shared to the designated email-addresses.