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Bohemia is a new dark-net market that just launched in May of 2021. The developers behind the market claim to have made a modern and innovative market. The market does not claim to have any feature that stands out which made us question where the innovation was coming from. After taking a close look at the market this is what we found.

First Impressions

When signing up for the market, we were greeted by two captchas. One of them was barely functional. After entering the captcha correctly over 10 times we moved onto the next page. A PGP key was required during sign up which is not an issue, but what is an issue is that the market did not support PGP. Yes, the market required PGP but did not support it. When entering a public key into the market we were greeted by an error claiming our key is invalid. After trying again an hour later the market started functioning.

Design & Interface

Bohemia market is a very simple marketplace. The design follows the same concept. Despite being simple and relatively modern, Bohemia is not the best looking marketplace. When resizing your browser windows, the market is not very responsive. Moving on to the interface, Bohemia continues with the simplistic theme. The market features a simple top bar that contains everything needed including account settings and the cart. A drop-down navigation menu can be accessed from the top-bar and can be used to navigate the market. A side-bar containing all the product categories can also be found on the left-hand side.

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Features & Security

Claiming to be an innovative market you would expect many interesting features, but in reality you'd be disappointed. The most advanced feature found on the market is escrow and early finalization. For security the market features PGP support that can be used for encrypting messages and for 2FA. Both Bitcoin and Monero are accepted on Bohemia and can be deposited into a wallet. Bohemia claims to have a 'modern cart system'. After taking a look we found that it is nothing more than a basic cart.


Bohemia marketplace does not look very promising. From the beginning we were greeted by all sorts of problems. After taking a closer look at the market we found more promised than features and were left very disappointment. Currently the market has a little over 50 listings. Major changes have to be made to the market for its community to grow.

Details about Bohemia

Item Type Status
Name Bohemia
Started Operating 2021 · May · 23
Currencies accepted BTC, XMR
Status DOWN
Escrow Yes
Multisig No
2FA Yes


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This market is *ucking garbage. ALWAYS DOWN never stays on for a long period

★ ★ ★

yea why is this site down

★ ★ ★

why is the bohemia site down

i cant get past 2fa on login it doesnt decrypt it says no secret key i mightve messed up but i have like 500 usd in my balance that i need

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

As a new user and now vendor with Bohemia, you'd be surprised to know that there are many features which I haven't seen before on other markets. Especially the mass message functions for vendors to reach out to customers with ease and not having to spend countless hours sending messages to launch promotions etc. The design is flawless compared to other markets. PGP and everything else works fine so I'm not sure what this review is trying to achieve other than to slate a very promising looking market.