German Amphetamine distributor arrested.


Authorities from Neubrandenburg, Germany have arrested a German national. The man, was being perused for reselling large amounts of illicit drugs bought on different dark-net markets. The investigation into the man started after law enforcement got suspicious of his activities. Soon after the investigation started, police officers found out that the 32 year old is involved in illicit drug trades.

Raised Suspicions

Law enforcement discovered that the man was making large orders of drugs from dark-web markets. The most common drug purchased was amphetamine. It did not take long for authorities to understand that the suspect intended to distribute the drugs.

After investigating more of the mans activities, law enforcement managed to intercept a parcel. The package, headed straight for the suspect, contained over half a kilo of amphetamine. Later on in May, police intercepted another package headed for the suspect. This one contained 100 grams of amphetamine.

German law enforcement agents revealed some more details on the case, but did not reveal too much information. It was mentioned that the suspect has obtained more than 1 kilogram of amphetamine. All the packages were purchased using unidentified dark-web markets.

A press release on a German language news site revealed that Neubrandenburg police was quick to file a warrant. Without any time wasted, law enforcement acted on that warrant the same day and apprehended the suspect. Authorities have confirmed that investigations are still ongoing.

The German Amphetamine Problem

Amphetamine, closely associated with methamphetamine, has been a problem in Germany for a while now. This problem has always placed Germany high on European drug consumption ranks.

A report published in 2019 revealed that out of the top 10 cities ranked for amphetamine consumption in the EU, 3 were in Germany. One such example is the south-west city of Saarbrücken which was ranked top on the list. Amphetamine consumption in the area stands at 407mg per 1000 people - daily. This number is significantly higher than 2017.

Point to note, both methamphetamine and amphetamine are consumed orally, nasally, or smoked. European authorities noted that users in some countries have always preferred injections over any other method of consumption.

Expert data shows that about 12.5 million people in Europe have consumed amphetamine at some point in their adult live. Figures indicate that about 1.3 million people used the drug in 2019.

German Dark-Web Crackdown

The above findings have reflected on the marked German law enforcement enthusiasm in dismantling dark web drug networks and arresting their masterminds.

Not long ago, Germany was leading well-coordinated international operations. One such operation managed to shut down the worlds largest dark-net market platform in January of this year. Despite being led by Germany, these operations were facilitated by many others. This includes Australia, Denmark, Moldova, Ukraine, UK and the U.S.

During its peak, DarkMarket was a monster. Consisting of over half-a-million users, the dark-net market was larger than many legal marketplaces. The market was hosting sales for all types of drugs including amphetamine, hacking tools and many more illicit goods.

During the investigations, the central criminal investigation department of Germany apprehended an Australian national. It was alleged that the man operated illicit trading sites from servers located on the German-Danish border.

The cybercrime unit of the Koblenz Public Prosecutor’s Office led the law enforcement partners in locating and shutting DarkMarket, closing the servers and confiscating any criminal hardware. Consequently, about 20 servers in Moldova and Ukraine were identified and seized pending further investigations.




May 26, 2021