Aurora Market Exit Scams


When it first launched almost 6 months ago, Aurora market looked very promising. The market was well built and rocked all the features a dark-net user would ever need. Despite all that, the market decided to follow the modern dark-net cycle of exit scamming less than a year after launch.

How it all fell apart

An aurora admin posted on dread about the disappearance of the market owner. Despite investing lots of money into the market, the admin claims he had no access to the server or wallets. According to the admin going by the name /u/northernlight, the owner of the market has vanished almost 2 months ago.

A little over a week ago users of the market started reporting withdrawal issues. Shortly after a post was made on the markets subdread advising users to stop using the market. Yesterday the main administrator of the market got locked out. Aurora market was doing well and had no need to exit scam, it simply follows the new dark-net cycle.




May 23, 2021

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May 7, 2021

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