Europol dismantles large sim card scam ring


Law enforcement agencies in Europe have just conducted a successful operation that resulted in 10 arrests. The international crime network was able to scam millions out of thousands of Americans. Reports say that high profile people have been targeted in these attacks.

The investigation

The investigations into the crime ring started back when the initial twitter scams happened. Some amateur hackers managed to access famous social media accounts and used them to scam their followers. Following those attacks in August, U.S. law enforcement quickly identified and arrested the criminals.

Despite the success, law enforcement did not end there. After uncovering much more crime and collaborating with law enforcement agencies around Europe, much more was uncovered. A crime network consisting of 10 members has been discovered and dismantled. 8 Arrests have been made in the U.K., one in Malta and one in Belgium. Over $100 Million in assets was seized. This includes both cryptocurrency and traditional fiat.

It was uncovered that the team made money by hijacking different phone numbers. One of the harder tasks is identifying a number that belongs to a high profile person. The victims sim card was then deactivated and the hackers ported the number on their own card. The numbers then later used not only for social media attacks but also to recover online accounts. This includes cryptocurrency exchanges and trading platforms.


This operation was a complete success for law enforcement all around the globe. Despite consisting only of 10 members, the team managed to yield massive amounts of money. Europol is advising everyone to not engage in suspicious phone calls or emails and to enable 2 factor authentication on all accounts.




March 23, 2021

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