Dutch Master - A long time vendor, gone for long


One of the largest drug busts has just taken place in the Netherlands. The special DSI unit of the Dutch police just dismantled a very popular and long-time dark-net drug ring. Known as Dutch Master, the vendor has been operating on the dark-net for over 8 years. In total, Dutch police raided 11 locations around the country in Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Diemen and Almere.

About Dutch Master

Since his first appearance 2012, Dutch Master has expanded into a full blown drug ring. The group focused on all types of drugs including cocaine, ketamine, ecstasy, LSD and hash. All of the drugs were being produced by the team, and then being distributed on their dark-net vendor shop. All of the transactions took place in bitcoin.

Dutch Master vendor shop seized page

The Investigation

Netherlands was under a lot of political pressure for its international drug trade. For years, the Dutch have been one of Europe's largest drug exporters. The police had to step up their game in order to combat international drug trade. Dutch agencies have encountered Dutch Master in multiple investigations in the past. Since they suspected that the ring was behind the whole production and distribution process, it became a prime target. In August of 2019, Dutch police decided to go after the team.

The First Raid

During the first raid, police found a large number of boxes containing drugs. Ecstasy pills where being packaged in candy boxes and wrapped in foil before being stacked. Numerous members have been arrested. It was also found that Dutch Master had corrupted connections in the shipping industry. This allowed him to export large quantities of drugs without any interference within the country. Police noted that Dutch Master himself has shipped over 135 packages in a period of 3 months.

Production & Distribution

Zlatko Trokic, a Dutch prosecutor also made some comments on the arrests. He noted that many connections have been uncovered, including online and offline. He also mentioned that in September of 2020 a lab suspected of being connected to Dutch Master was raided. In there, a production line for synthetic drugs like ecstasy was discovered. An industrial pill press with the same shapes as the pills sold by Dutch Master was also found. This made it clear to the police that the production and distribution was linked.

Police has also arrested the so called "mastermind" of the web-shop. The man called Michael S. was arrested in Amstelveen. Police found that he had obvious connections with other criminals. Police also found that he was living a good life as he had a Porsche and a large amount of cash at his house. It was also discovered that Michael made a down payment of 45,000 Euros for a new house. All of this without any job or a legal explanation for the money.

Cash found at Michael S. home


When announcing the operation, Dutch authorities revealed that 11 locations have been raided. This includes one house that was vacant, had a reinforced door and was being used to vacuum seal and package drugs. This operation is considered a large success by the Dutch and one of the largest drug ring busts in the country.