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Aurora Market is a brand new dark-net marketplace that just launched in November. On it you can find all types of products ranging from drugs to digital goods. Since its launch, Aurora has attracted a lot of attention and has outgrown a lot of markets that have been around longer. The developers of the market claim to have built it from scratch. They also made clear that their focus is to provide the best experience for both the customer and the vendor.

Design & Interface

Aurora is a well built marketplace. The design is modern and unique. The interface of the site is also well thought out. The market features a simple top bar with different shortcuts for account options and site navigation. The main bar is found on the left and contains all the options required to navigate the site. All the account options are also present on the left-bar. The homepage of the market displays only featured vendors and listings. All the listings can be accessed under the products tab on the left-bar.

aurora market homepage

Features & Security

When it comes to features and security, aurora market covers almost every aspect. The market features a built in wallet, but transactions can be made while placing an order. Both Bitcoin and Monero are accepted. Aurora supports early finalization but only for trusted vendors. For escrow, both traditional and multisig support can be found. As expected. PGP support is built into the market and is used for encrypting messages and 2FA. Unfortunately the market lacks a few features like an autoshop for digital goods.


Aurora market is one of the best markets we've seen launch in recent times. Despite lacking a few basic features like an autoshop, the quality of the market over-compensates for that. Most dark-net markets, are a good concept, but despite that are full of bugs and are not well built. On the other hand, Aurora was built by more skilled developers. The growth of the market indicates that users are liking it. Currently, Aurora has over 5,000 listings and is expected to grow drastically in the coming months.

Details about Aurora Market

Item Type Status
Name Aurora Market
Started Operating 2020 · November · 20
Currencies accepted BTC, XMR
Status DOWN
Escrow Yes
Multisig Yes
2FA Yes

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