Dark Market Seized | Australian owner arrested


Last year has been a total shake-up for the dark-net. Multiple markets have exit scammed and law enforcement agencies conducted multiple operations. This year looks to be similar, starting off with a massive law enforcement operation. Law enforcement agencies from around the world coordinated an operation to seize Dark Market. Germany, Ukraine, Moldova, Australia, Denmark and even the US took part in this mission.

About Dark Market

Since it's launch in mid 2019, Dark Market significantly grew in popularity. By late 2020, Dark Market was considered the largest dark-net market in existence. With over 500,000 active users, 2,500 vendors and over 320,000 transactions, the market handled over 170 Million US dollars. Being the largest dark-net market, law enforcement pointed their scope at it fairly quickly.

The Operation

German authorities tracked down and arrested the owner of Dark Market near the danish border. The 34 year old from Australia was placed in pretrial detention and is awaiting formal charges. Law enforcement in the Ukraine and Moldova seized the servers that hosted the market. In total over 20 servers have been seized. All of the data on the servers will be analyzed and many arrests around the world are expected. It is unclear how long the operation has been ongoing for. There are speculations that law enforcement had control over the market for more than a month.

Dark Market seized page

Law enforcement is very proud of this operation. The ongoing pandemic has significantly affected the illegal drug market on the streets. As more and more people switch to the dark-net for their criminal habits, law enforcement focuses more on that. It is said that this seizure is linked to the cyberbunker seizures that happened in 2019. Not much information has been revealed about the whole situation as it is still ongoing.


The dark-net has always been getting challenged by law enforcement. It is not a new thing for dark-net markets to get seized. The last major seizure was a long time ago, so it was not unexpected to see one. As for how the operation was coordinated, and how the owner of the market was tracked, it is still unclear. This information is likely to remain hidden as it might compromise any tactics used by law enforcement.




Jan. 14, 2021

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