Juspay Data Breach - Records for sale on Dark-Net


Yet another data breach has been spotted on the dark-net. About 100 Million records of customer information leaked from Juspay have been spotted for sale on the dark-net. This includes customers names, phone numbers, email addresses and more. The payment processor was quick to comment on the situation and as it turns out the breach is not that serious.

About Juspay

Juspay is a payment processor that is based in India. Since its launch in 2012, Juspay has grown to become the largest company of its sort in the country. Juspay grew so big it serves over 10 Billion customers daily and is used by giants like Amazon and Swiggy.

The Data Breach

The data breach on Juspay's servers was first noticed early this summer. The company made an announcement claiming that some data has been breached. The company insisted that no sensitive data and only 30 Million records have leaked. As it turns out, this wasn't true. Rajshekhar Rajaria, a cyber-security researcher has spotted the breach. Rajshekhar found about 100 Million customer records for sale on the dark-net. The seller was selling the data in exchange for bitcoins on telegram. He also posted a sample of the leaked data on twitter.

The data leaked includes customer names, phone numbers, email addresses, customer IDs and a 6 digits from their card number. The hash of the card number is also included. The information leaked not too sensitive but Juspay was not transparent enough. It seems that extent of the breach was covered up by the company and was not taken seriously enough.

This breach follows a large number of recent data breaches in India. Last month, Rajshekhar found over 2GB of stolen data from Indian corporations circulating on the dark-net. Before that in October, Dr. Reddy's Laboratories, a pharmaceutical company based in India was also breached. The company fell victim to a large ransomware attack that encrypted all their data. This includes tests from the ongoing pandemic.


With the rise of the dark-net, cyber-crime has skyrocketed. The technology gave many criminals new opportunities to make money. All the large scale cyber-security breaches that took place in recent times are examples. By taking a look, they can all be linked to the dark-net one way or another. These latest breaches also signify the importance of encryption. Encrypting the card numbers prevented a much larger chaos.