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This year has been anything but normal for the dark-net scene. Over the last year, the dark-net industry has seen some weird transformations. Now, few months after the last major exit scam, the industry is finally returning to normal. New marketplaces are coming in and laying the foundation for the next generation of dark-net markets. One such new marketplace is called the World Market. Since its launch over a month ago, World Market has started growing in popularity and already has over 2,000 listings. The market claims to be a security focused market built from scratch. The team behind it promises everything from high grade security to powerful DDoS Protection.

Design & Interface

World Market is an interesting looking marketplace. Its design is good but needs major improvements. The modern look of the market gets ruined by the broken scaling. When resizing the browser windows, images and other site elements tend to brake. As for the interface, not much can be done to improve it. World Market features a traditional top bar with all the account options. Instead of being on the left, all the categories are displayed bellow the top bar. The subcategories only become visible once a category is hovered. When viewing a category, an advanced filter box appears above all the listings. All the account information and notifications are displayed on the left-hand side.

World Market Homepage

Features & Security

When claiming to be a security focused marketplace, users expect no compromises in the field. World Market features a built in wallet. Orders can only be placed using the account balance. The built in wallet can only be topped up using Bitcoin. This is very ironic for a 'Security Focused' marketplace. Not many special features are offered either. Only traditional escrow support is present. PGP support can also be found and can be used for 2FA and encrypting messages. The one feature that makes the market slightly more attractive is the autoshop that can be used for instant delivery of digital goods.


Overall, World Market is not a bad marketplace. It offers most features a typical dark-net shopper needs. The market does lack a few features. As a 'Security Focused' marketplace, monero support is a must. Instead the market just offers to exchange to monero when withdrawing. The team behind the market also needs to fix the design before for the market to grow. Multi-signature support could also be appreciated. Once all these issues are addressed, World Market will really be a great alternative to most.

Details about World Market

Item Type Status
Name World Market
Started Operating 2020 · October · 31
Currencies accepted BTC
Status DOWN
Escrow Yes
Multisig No
2FA Yes


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EXIT SCAM. you have been warned. This site should not even have this market listed anymore.

Exit scam is going on! New Layout and all accounts are deleted! The most Vendors have same pictures and bevore theyare not! No Site make it Public!

It's weird, you can't loggin, but you can create a new account... SCAM, don't do a deposit !!!!

Yes my friend you are right! Seems exitscamming. If you make a new profile you will see there is no 'Open ticket' option. The most sadly that other sites are partners and they don't publish world related posts since almost a week. Example: dnetstats Everybody BE CAREFUL!

Scam ! Exit scam ! Geld weg Account gelöscht ! Scam scam scam don't trust them.

Exit scam is going on, avoid avoid avoid.

Lots of users are having their Monero deposits not showing up. only replies from the market are a canned response with no resolutions in tickets. the site now shows 502 Bad Gateway when trying to log in.

Cant login repeats The captcha code is wrong, please try again. x100 and getting nowhere after deposit. F**ked

★ ★

I think a exit scam is goung on! Does someone got there things. After 20 feb?

★ ★ ★

Captcha keeps on resolving to a new one even when correct - I just want to order my herb man ffs lol

They will take your money from day one you get nothing Exit scam qaurenteed suck my duck world market

★ ★ ★

last couple days i have problem getting logged in... that damn captcha is a real downer... and almost every time i get "page not found" error!! please do something about these problems... for the rest everything is ok about that site imo

How do you solve the login captcha? Is it deliberately impossible at the moment?

Starting to look more like an exit with World Market. Very difficult to access the site, with error messages and failed captcha's occurring on a daily basis. Time to start looking for other markets.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

dont know what are all these comments about. Received two packages with no trouble

★ ★

World Market is DOWN for the last 3 days or so. Currently, the CAPTCHA is impossible to solve. Even though I type in exactly as shown, over and over, it comes back with "The captcha code is wrong, please try again." Before this new problem, I could logged in fine only to reach a page that said " Sorry, page not found Opps. This isn't suppose to happen The little monkeys are working in the background to fix this up. Check back later. Back to World Market" I don't know what's going on here but it smells fishy and the admins seem to be doing little to fix it, if they are even indeed try to fix it.