Coronavirus Vaccine For Sale on the Dark-Net


The dark-web has become infamous for the criminal activity that is hosted on it. Countless of people are now aware of the dark-nets existence and of the criminal activity that takes place on it. For years, criminals have been looking for ways to make quick money without caring about any laws. Some sell drugs, other sell counterfeit goods and some provide services like hacking or killing. The point is that many finds a way to make some revenue on the dark-net, no matter what it takes.

Seeking for Income

With the current pandemic many things around the world have changed. Cities have entered lock-down, stores closed, people started working from home. With countries imposing lock-downs, lots of criminal activity came to an end. This marked the start of huge growth in the illegal dark-net sector. Many criminals moved to the dark-net to do business and with this came huge growth. Despite this tremendous growth criminals still seek for new ways to make their income on the dark-web. The latest money making trend involves Sars-CoV2 Vaccines.

Vaccine Developments

Multiple countries around the world have already made large orders for Sars-CoV2 vaccines. The United Kingdom alone has ordered over 40 Million shots , with 800,000 expected to be delivered this week. Nations around the world are eagerly waiting for their vaccines to get delivered. All this wait is due to the approval process that the vaccines have to go through to make sure they are safe. Some vaccines claim to provide up to 95% protection from the virus.

Despite many countries expecting their vaccine shipments to arrive in the coming months, some people can't wait to get it . Some Sars-CoV2 vaccines have already been spotted for sale on the dark-net. More specifically the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine has been seen sold for about $1,300 per shot. There are at-least 2 vendors that were found selling the vaccines on different dark-net markets.

Coronavirus Vaccine Product Listing

Vice News managed to get in contact with the vendors illegally selling the vaccines on the dark-net. One of the claimed to have a stockpile of over 500 vaccine shots. Both of the vendors claimed to be pharmacists that managed to get their hands early on the vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioNTech. When both vendors got asked to send proof they had access to the vaccine both denied. One of them later sent a high-quality stock image of a vial labelled “Coronavirus Vaccine”.

Coronavirus Related Scams

Coronavirus related scams are not a new thing on the dark-net. Many related scams have already been spotted on the dark-net in the past. Some vaccine listings have been spotted on the dark-net as early as April of this year. It is very likely that all the vaccine listings are nothing but a scam attempt. Even if any of the listings is real it is not recommended to take any vaccines before they are approved by a regulatory body.

There are many hazards when buying such an item on the dark-net. Firstly it's usually illegal to shop on dark-net markets. The second issue is as mentioned above. Almost all vaccine listings are a scam, remember people on the dark-net always seek to make money. The third and main problem of buying a vaccine on the dark-net is safety. No one really knows what is in that small glass bottle until the proper tests are taken. Not only the substance might be dangerous, but it might be lethal when injected.


The dark-net has always been known for all the business that takes place on it. Scams are a daily occurrence on the dark-net and we are likely seeing another one take place. Even if any of the listings could be real it is not recommended to buy one without knowing what it contains. Even if the vaccine is the real deal developed by Pfizer and BioNTech it is still not approved and should not be used.