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Daeva is a new dark-net marketplace that just launched in August of this year. Since then the marketplace has outgrown a lot of its competition but still has a long way to go. Daeva is trying to be a simple - feature rich marketplace. The end result is an amazing and secure shopping experience with all the features someone might need.

Design & Interface

Daeva market is a relatively good looking market. The design is not very special or unique but is on-par with other top dark-net markets. It looks modern but is very minimal. The same can't be said about the user interface. Daeva perfected the dark-net market interface. The site consists of a top bar that contains all the navigation and account options. A search bar is present in the bar along with a drop-down category menu. The prices of all the supported cryptocurrencies are also displayed on the bar. Navigating to any category will reveal a big category bar on the left-hand side. When looking at a listing, the category bar is replaced with all the vendors information. This includes disputes, rating and vendor level.

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Security & Features

Daeva market can be called a feature rich marketplace. Although it does not include any flashy features like a lottery or an exchange, it has everything needed for a great shopping experience. Daeva is not a wallet-less market. Both Monero and Bitcoin are supported and have to be deposited into the wallet before use. Withdrawals are protected using a pin that can only be reset using the accounts mnemonic. When it comes to escrow, Daeva supports both traditional escrow and multisig. To protect users from scammers, vendors have a trust level that increases with good reviews and not disputes. When it comes to security, PGP support can be found on the market. The encryption can both be used for 2FA and encrypting messages.


Overall, Daeva looks like a good looking, feature rich and secure option. Some improvements can still be made to the design of the marketplace but it's still a great choice. Since it's launch in August the market has grown but still had a long road ahead. Currently Daeva has over 800 listings. Only time will tell the future of the market but it looks promising.

Details about Daeva Market

Item Type Status
Name Daeva Market
Started Operating 2020 · August · 27
Currencies accepted BTC, XMR
Status DOWN
Escrow Yes
Multisig Yes
2FA Yes


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