UK Police Arrests Brazilian Drug Queen


Law enforcement dismantled a highly organized drug operation. A Brazilian drug queen along with her accomplices are not facing jail time. The operation run by the Brazilian woman has been described as the largest to be ever spotted in the UK. The seizure was also called the largest one in its drug category.

The Illicit Operation

Suellen Miguez, is a 35 year old woman from Brazil. The woman along with her gang are reported to have facilitated large chemsex imports into the UK. This was done using an underground network of moped riders and WhatsApp groups.

The lead suspect was not convicted alone. 22 year old Isabella Braga Da Silva and her 27 year old spouse were convicted with the drug queen. The court found that all these drug dealers have been living a luxury life. Often spending tens of thousands on luxury items including designer goods.

Additionally the suspect rented out properties on Airbnb. The properties were then used as storage for their illicit goods. The goods usually would sit there waiting to be dispatched to customers. To avoid law enforcement discovery, the threat actors would store the narcotics for up to a few days at a time.

The prosecutors intimated the wide range of drugs sold by the dealers. It was proclaimed that the customers would usually get a menu containing all the drugs. The menu listed all types of illicit narcotics ranging from cocaine, to ecstasy and the dangerous.

Police Intervention

Police did not have a hard time destroying the illicit drug operations. The police flagged one of the moped delivery drivers during a routine traffic stop. This led to the discovery of the drugs which slowly led them to the organizers of the ring.

Following this even police confiscated large numbers of drugs. The drugs confiscated are estimated to be worth over 3 million pounds. Along with the drugs, cellphones used to operated dedicated drug lines have also been seized. After investigating even deeper, transactions worth 2.4 million pounds have been tracked.

Looking back, in the year 2019, a London Crown Court had convicted Miguez and three other individuals. This includes Isabella Braga Da Silva. Her charges consist of 14 drug offenses and 7 money laundering offenses.

Law enforcement agents made more discoveries along down the line. After a while, investigators came across the network of dealers on WhatsApp. On WhatsApp investigators came across many messages that called Braga Da Silva and her Boyfriend a great duo. This connotation was in reference to Pablo Escobar, a Colombian drug lord.

Apart from the already-mentioned cocaine and GBL that was found by the police, investigators came across more drugs. MDMA, methamphetamines, LSD, cocaine, Ketamine, and cannabis have all been stored around the country. Additionally, officers recovered fake identity papers and 40,000 pounds in cash. All this was found in a Novotel hotel room in Docklands.

An Advanced Drug Dealing Organization

The case prosecutor is claiming that law enforcement agents confiscated a 10 page manual. This manual is a "staff manual" meant to teach members how to deal properly. The manual contained all types of information including code of conduct. This outlined some of the pay incentives that were received by well performing members.

These drug dealers had a commitment to render a quality service for customers. The document insisted that each delivery takes less than 10 minutes. The manual also outlined the goals that the illicit organization had. The goal was to position themselves as the best option for people looking to acquire drugs.

The court heard that the drug business was nothing short of a high-tech illicit delivery service that would meet the needs of customers in London. Prospective buyers would use a dedicated phone line to place orders that would take only 10 minutes to be delivered by the small army of moped riders who were often disguised as DHL or TNT delivery riders.

Further, the seized manual outlined claims of their ties with former law enforcement agents. The manual specifically spelled out that the criminal ring received assistance from ex-police and a lawyer. Reportedly both served them with information for their security structures.