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Corona Market is a new dark-net marketplace that launched in September of 2020. Corona Market is not the best name for a market in 2020 but the name does not say much about the market. The administrators behind the market claim that Corona is a state of the art dark-net market.

Design & Interface

Corona manages to be by far one of the most unique looking marketplaces on the dark web. Overall the market does not look bad but there is defiantly room for improvement in some design aspects. Corona Market features a top-bar with all the website option. The search bar, account options and built in wallet are all located in the main bar. Bellow that is a list of all the market categories. On the bottom of the page a button that toggles dark-mode can be found.

corona market homepage

Security & Features

Despite the weird design, the market does not lack any features. Corona is an affiliate marketplace meaning there is a referral program for users interested. For people trying to earn some more money, a bug bounty program is also present. As mentioned above, corona market features a built in wallet. The market supports both Bitcoin and Monero. Traditional escrow and multi-signature escrow are both supported by the market. Corona Market offers support for XMPP notifications. For security, traditional PGP support is present but it can only be used for encrypting messages.


Corona Market is still a new market. Some time is required before this market can become more established. Despite that, the market already has over 1,500 listings. Overall the market is not bad but there is lots of room for improvement. Security on this market is relatively good. The market has been penetration tested by well known dark-net testers and was given a good review. For now only time will tell what the future holds for this marketplace.

Details about Corona Market

Item Type Status
Name Corona Market
Started Operating 2020 · September · 01
Currencies accepted BTC, XMR
Status DOWN
Escrow Yes
Multisig Yes
2FA No


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