Why PGP Encryption Is A Must


Pretty Good Privacy aka PGP is a very popular encryption method. It offers the possibility of encrypting any sort of data thus creating safe communication channels. PGP is also very important because of its privilege to encrypt any personal data. Normal files on a computer are commonly encrypted using PGP.

PGP is a free technology and is available for public use. The tool uses the concept of public and private key encryption. Over time, this system has proven to be one of the most reliable in keeping data secure.

Encrypting Communication

PGP encryption can enable users to communicate securely. This makes people feel more confident and secure during conversations. To achieve such anonymity, a user needs to employ PGP. To do this the sender needs to encrypt his information using a public key encryption algorithm. This is then supplied to the intended receiver who encrypts the message and sends it. The message can be decrypted by the final receiver using a key that remained on his computer.

Message authentication and integrity is also a key role of PGP encryption. It ensures that the message received by the recipient has not been tampered with in any way. If the message is tampered with, the received will note be able to decrypt the message. The same function can be used to confirm the legitimacy of the sender.

PGP has a digital signature that is created for communication by establishing a hash. This is done using plain-text and is computed using the senders private key. A user can then provide his signature to other individuals as a way to prove the rightful ownership of the message.

PGP also has more important security features. It can make sure a specific message was received by the intended recipient. This is done by supplying a users public key in the form of an identity certificate. The certificates make it even harder to get away with message tampering.

Other Uses for PGP Encryption

Email File Attachments

Typically, PGP is employed in email communications to encrypt attached files. Despite that, PGP has countless of ways to protect all types of data. In a general sense PGP allows you to store any data on any platform with a reinforced layer of security. This aspect cushions sensitive information from external attacks all the time.

Server Data

PGP is commonly used on server to uphold privacy compliance. System administrators have good reasons to access a server, but PGP can be used to assist with managing users. The execution of server maintenance required full unrestricted access to the server. This also gives such admins full unrestricted access to the data. This is where PGP encryption comes in useful. PGP can easily be used on a computer to encrypt any sort of data and keep it protected from every threat.

This encryption can also be used effectively against external attacks. Even if a cyber-criminal manages to access a targeted server, none of the data will be readable. This is devastating for cyber-criminals and renders the attacks carried out useless.

PGP encryption can be considered a final resort as far as server defense is concerned. The cyber-criminal who accesses a PGP-protected server will only encounter undecipherable files. The occurrence of other anti-hacker mechanisms will then take over to expel invasive users, and ban offensive IP addresses in complete shutdown of a cyber-attack.

In addition, PGP prevents the often-underestimated employee theft of data. Although most cyber reports have pointed fingers at malicious users as formidable threats in organizational cybersecurity, it turns out that employees have been causing massive data breaches and leaks on the regular.

Theft of Data

A case from 2017 can be used as an example. Googles parent company sued one of its former staff members. The ex-engineers allegedly stole more than 14,000 internal files and directly shared them with uber. The ex-employees stole all types of corporate secrets, they then shared those files with their new employer.

This was not the first and likely not the last story involving employees with high company. It is not uncommon for employees to steal important company data. In this context, PGP encryption can be used to automatically protect internal data from such like cases of employee threats.


The biggest lesson to be learn here is on privacy. People cannot rely on hope and expect their data to remain safe. It is not a complicated process to compromise a network or even a computer. Important files shall always be encrypted. As in the case of communication, PGP encryption is a must. Important conversations shall be encrypted in order to avoid anything from getting leaked.

It is advisable for organizations to seek MFT solutions that encrypt data on-the-fly, protecting data in a single step, so that unencrypted data is not written to the disk. Indeed, the proper use of PGP encryption comes as a necessary precaution to protect your precious data through your corporate journey.




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