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As the technologies around the world evolve, the dark-net moves with it. Over the past decade, the dark web has drastically changed. It has evolved into its own huge underground economy. Looking back at its origins, the dark-web ecosystem appeared to ease the process of dealing drugs. Both buyers and vendors are able to conduct business on dark-net platforms with ease. The years following that, social media applications started being abused. Drug dealing started appearing on almost every social media application out there.

About Televend

In latest news, another such revolutionary tool appeared. A new tool that allows dark-net buyers to purchase illicit goods 24/7. This new tool is a system of robot drug dealers that provide the needed staffing of dark-net markets.

This new tool is called Televend. This is a new automated digital retail system that sells narcotic products. Customers can pay using bitcoin through the Telegram application. This tool fully relies on Telegrams encryption and anonymous nature. Since its recent launch about 2 months back, Televend has grown in popularity. Currently the platform has over 200,000 registered users and thousands of vendors.

How it Works

Televend can now be compared in size to other popular dark-net marketplaces. The now defunct White House market had about 100,000 active users. Although Televends claims of 200,000 registered users cannot be verified, they indeed seem to be thriving. The telegram channel hosted by the team has over 15,000 subscribers. This large amount of subscribers suggests that the underground platform is very popular.

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Televend systems work to provide automated alerts and messages to both users and vendors. The messages notify the vendor when an order was placed and paid. The main selling point of the platform is the automated inventory update. Subscribers will get updated notifications on inventory status. The functions of televend extend way beyond traditional vending. The platform also features an advanced customer feedback mechanism. This goes a long way in classifying a vendors performance.

As mentioned above, Televend handles the transactions. Once an order is placed, televend generated an invoice for the customer. The payments made are sent out directly to the vendors wallets. This is the main difference between televend and traditional marketplaces. The lack of escrow systems raises a lot of flags about getting scammed by a vendor. On the bright side the feedback mechanism would vanish any scam vendor very quickly. It is also good to note that the lack of escrow makes it harder for authorities to flag the transactions as dark-net related.

Once a payment has been made, the vendor will receive an alert. The bot verifies the customers payment. This simplifies the process of vending. All the vendor has to do is decrypt the message and create a shipping label with the details.

A New Dark-Net Era?

Televend makes the whole dark-net shopping experience much more streamlined. Typically, the dark web shopping experience can be complex for inexperienced users. Buyers have to download the Tor browser. Then they have to find an onion directory and then a specifit market URL. The customer then needs to go through the markets process and create an account. Following that, buyers need to find an item they are interested in and place an order. Typically such markets have escrow and it takes days for it to get finalized.

If user feedback is something to go by, it appears as if Televend is here to stay. Many are going as far as saying that Televend is here to transform how drug vendors and buyers interact.


Televend is a new way to place orders on the dark-net. It can be much safer than traditional dark-net markets in many cases since there is a lack of escrow. The platform features a very advanced rating system which should help people overcome the fear of scammers. According to many, Televend is here to stay and can be considered the future of the dark-net. In an era of such instability on the dark-net this is not hard to believe. While not great for some, Televend can be considered a great alternative to dark-net markets. This is once again supported by the significant growth of the platform.

Details about Televend

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Name Televend
Started Operating 2020 · June · 17
Status DOWN


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