EndGame DDoS Protection - The Future of the Dark-Net


2020 Has been the most unstable year for the dark-net. Evey single leading market has decided to exit scam. Although so many markets seemingly vanished, there weren't many government interventions this year. Ignoring that, one pattern can be made out. Most markets get taken down by DDoS attacks before leaving, never to be seen.

The Need for DDoS Protection

DDoS attacks are usually carried out for malicious purposes. Extortion is the most common. Cyber-criminals take down platforms and only stop the attack once paid. The attack can also be more malicious like from a competitor but this is not that common. Law enforcement agencies also tend to carry out such attacks against dark-net platforms. This is done to overwhelm the servers and render the platform useless. This is usually done until the admins give up.

A new tool to prevent such attacks has recently caught the eye of cyber-security researchers. This tool has been talked about a lot on Dread and was hyped up as the future of dark-net DDoS protection. This DDoS protection mechanism is called EndGame. It was first announced a few months ago and can now be deployed. This tool is a product of a collaboration effort between many dark-web actors.

To many, EndGame is the long awaited and much needed solutions to most dark-net problems. This tool is meant to provide a protection to dark-net market, preventing them from getting flooded and going offline. This year has been very unstable and most blame DDoS attacks for this pattern. This tool plans to end this.

Behind The Scenes

A post published on dread in May this year revealed the new tool to the dark-net community. This tool was developed and made public to be used by all member of the dark-net. This tool was offered at no charge which is very unusual for the dark-net.

EndGame Development

EndGame is essentially a kit consisting of many cyber security tools. These tools are designed and built to prevent DDoS attacks carried out by threat actors. Cyber-Security researchers believe that EndGame was not an easy task. In-fact, it is considered to be a large accomplishment for the dark-net that took an astonishing amount of hours to develop. The tool consists of thousands of lines of code and is most likely the result of months of testing.

As it turns out the creators of the tool chose to share it on Dread for a reason. They intended to gather the community's opinion on the project. EndGame ended up getting the much needed support. After the exit scam of multiple markets due to DDoS attacks, interest rose significantly.

EndGames Features

Most of EndGames special features have been published on the popular dark-net forum Dread. Mainly, the tool is free for all. It is also important to note that the tool incorporates a number of different technologies that work in harmony. This in-fact achieves great protection from DDoS attacks.

EndGame is fully scripted and can be easily deployed. It can be deployed only when the need arises, like in the case of DDoS attacks. The tool has a well built cor and provides ton of options of deployment. As far as scaling is concerned, EndGame users can only benefit from it. The tool was developed with scalability in mind and can be deployed no matter how big the market is. The tools easy configuration nature makes it a great option for most markets.

To highlight, The anti DDoS tools has been designed to operate without a middle party ie. Cloudflare. This makes the tool insanely easy to deploy and reduces any risks of locating the servers since it is local. Services such as cloudlare cannot be used by dark-net markets as they would allow law enforcement to easily locate the servers. This is why this tool is such a big deal for dark-net enthusiasts.


In conclusion EndGame is a revolutionary tool for the dark-net. In an era of high dark-net instability, a tool such as EndGame is much needed. If this tool existed prior, empire market would have likely still been around. The community strongly welcomed the development of this tool. This is likely because of the large surge witnessed in dark-net markets and forums.

It is important to note that this tool is not guaranteed to stop DDoS attacks. Threat actors always search for new ways to exploit their targets. In this case, it is very likely that vulnerabilities allowing such attacks will be found. Even then, such vulnerabilities will be likely solved by the developers of the tool in the future.