DeepSea Market Exit Scam - The New Pattern


DeepSea Market was a great marketplace. It had a great user experience alongside its great design. Most people though DeepSea is the new dark-net market king. Unfortunately most were wrong. DeepSea Market has been offline for over 2 days with no response from the owner of the market. This situation can now be deemed an exit scam.

What Happened to DeepSea?

The admin of the DeepSea sub-dread made an announcement. Keep in mind that admin was not directly involved with the market and just managed the markets dread page. The post made by the admin intimated the unlikely scenario of the market returning. This post had to be made as many seemed to have hope of the market returning. It is unclear what the cause of this shutdown is but it can possibly be a seizure. If indeed a seizure the market might return online to gather information from users. This scenario is very possible but at this point is unlikely since the market has not returned online yet. If the authorities seized the market and did not intent to keep it up and running they would have pointed the market links to a warning page.

Are Exit Scams the New Norm?

2020 has been unlike any year in the history of the dark-net. Some might go as far as calling it the most unstable year for the dark-net. Government intervention can be a small part of this but the main issue is different. It seems like most new markets that appear out of nowhere aren't ready for growth. It is very possible that many of these admins launch this market not expecting large growth. Upon growth, exit scamming is the safest way to make cash quickly and avoid law enforcement. The other possibility is that this is a new trend to make money quickly. Launch a market and as soon as you get enough fish in the net you leave with the money. It is unclear what the reasoning for the exit scam is but we can all agree that 2020 has been an unstable year for the dark-net.