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SmokersCo is a well established vendor store that launched more than a year ago. The vendor store is pretty popular withing the cannabis community. SmokersCo is well known for its high quality medical grade cannabis products. On the store, you can buy cannabis flower or concentrates like hash.

Design, Features and Security

Smokers Co is a fairly simple vendor shop. It focuses more on product quality and easy usability rather than features. Being a simple site, security vulnerabilities are way less likely. The site itself looks very basic. The design is very modern and looks like a lot like a real dispensary site. The interface of the site is very simple and contains all the features required to place orders.

smokers co homepage

The store contains only one navigation bar with all the options required, it is located at the top. On it you can find all the account options, a support chat and the store categories. SmokersCo also features a wiki that demonstrates how to use PGP and Bitcoin. For security, all the messages sent on the site are encrypted using PGP. Currently, the vendor store only accepts bitcoin. For obvious reasons, traditional escrow and multisig support is not present.


Checking out the reviews of SmokersCo, a very positive conclusion can be made. We had a difficult time finding a bad review. Every customer had a positive thing to say about their experience. Not just that, but customers claim that the quality of the goods sold on the site is top notch. In conclusion, SmokersCo is a great cannabis marketplace. It is well established and has been around for a relatively long time. Their website is very solid. Not only it looks great but the functionality is perfect for what it is. And moving on from that all the customers are very happy with the company.

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