Lime Market - A Boring Dark-Net Marketplace

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Lime Market is a brand new dark-net market that just launched in September of 2020. A dark-web marketplace launch cannot get much simpler than this. It seems like Lime Market just appeared in the dark-net scene and nothing more. Nothing special has been revealed about this market and it seems like the team kept it as basic as possible.

Design & Interface

The simplicity of the markets launch carries on to its design. Lime Market looks very basic straight forward. The design of the marketplace is relatively modern but has some room for improvement. Some parts of the design are inconsistent and the market does not scale properly on some resolutions. The interface of the market follows the traditional dark-net theme. A bar with all the user options can be found at the top. A side-bar with all the market categories is also present on the left-hand side. The category bar also contains a search query with multiple filters.

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Features & Security

Lime Market offers no special features. All the features found on the most basic dark-net markets can be found on this marketplace. Lime accepts multiple cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, Monero and Litecoin can all be deposited into the built in wallet. The market does not take any fees when withdrawing funds from the wallet. Traditional escrow support is present but that's about it. PGP is used for encrypting messages and 2FA login. These are all the features that exist on this marketplace.


Lime Market is one of the simplest markets to launch this year. All the features present are there to provide the simplest shopping experience. So far, lime market is skyrocketing. If the market continues to grow at this rate, it will become the No.1 dark-net market. Some improvements have to be made but overall the market is not bad. Being a simple market, security is great. The simpler a site is the less vulnerabilities it might have. Currently lime market has about 30,000 registered users and slightly over 2,000 listings. It is still unclear what the future holds for this market but with this growth rate the future looks good. One thing to keep in mind about lime market is that it's developed by the same team behind the dBay market.

Details about Lime Market

Item Type Status
Name Lime Market
Started Operating 2020 · September · 01
Currencies accepted BTC, XMR, LTC
Status DOWN
Escrow Yes
Multisig No
2FA Yes


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Anyone know the legit website

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This market was made by scammers it will sink any time. Tested order because i though its scam but worke

i sent 75 usd to become a vendor on this site lime market but no one answer and i m sure it is a scam site. launch in september 2020 and already 34556 clients...... and 2555 vendors ...... i lost 75usd and i tried to contact a vendor and you can notice that he wrote in uppercase and all the listings in this market are in uppercase, a detail but with my 75usd lost and i saw in the blockchain there are 125 confirmations of the transaction is good....but no one answered me on lime market...

WARNING!! darkbay owns this market they even confirmed it on dread and then later deleted it!

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Do not use this market created by dark-bay scumbags