How Cyber-Crime Skyrocketed Thanks To The Dark-Net




Cyber-crime is not a new form of crime. Cyber-crime in different forms has been committed by many even before the dark-net. What the dark-net changed, is the way cyber-criminals go on with their acts. Stealing data and reselling it has never been this easy and this is thanks to the dark-net.

Cyber-Crime and The Dark-Net

The dark-net blew up in popularity in recent years. It is used by everyone including ordinary individuals and the government. The difference now is that cyber-criminals can go on with their acts easier than ever before. This article looks into many ways the dark-net has affected the cyber-criminal space.

Dark-Net Tutorials

It has never been easier for people to get started with cyber-crime. This is thanks to the dark-net and the tutorials that can be purchased on it. Many dark-net market provide guides for complete beginners teaching them how to perform various crime. This tutorials range in prices from as little as $0.5 to thousands for very advanced tutorials.

Illicit buyers can learn anything from basic tasks to more advanced attacks. Tutorials for turning off a computer remotely or even compromising networks can all be found online. Many tutorials even teach people how to squeeze money out of stolen credit cards. More advanced criminals can purchase more specific guides.

Many tutorials sold on the dark-net are outdated or have a limited time span. Most people tend to update and patch vulnerabilities in order to avoid attacks. This is why updating your applications consistently is recommended.

Typically, cyber-criminals don't give up easily. In most cases when a vulnerability gets patched, criminals start looking for new methods to carry out attacks. These new tutorials are later on sold online. In the end, the dark-net manages to help cyber-criminals make money without carrying out any attacks.

Distribution of Hacking Tools

The dark-net hosts countless types of hacking tools. These tools have all types of targets. Hacking tools can be purchased for as little as a few dollars, to hundreds for more advanced tools. The price usually determines the complexity of such tools. All types of hacking tools exist on the dark-net. Tools that hack into Wi-Fi networks, clone credit cards and even intercept communications exist.

Money Theft

One of the cyber-criminal spaces that the dark-net affected the most is money theft. Thanks to the easy distribution of stolen details, financial fraud has skyrocketed. Stolen credit-cards, bank accounts, identities can all be found on dark-net markets. The financial industry is losing billions of dollars annually thanks to the dark-net.

The dark-net is a host to dirty money. People that consider it risky to buy guides and carry out attacks themselves tend to buy money. The black-money sold on the dark-net is usually on sites like PayPal and is sold for 20%-60% less. The price depends on the source of the funds.

If the risk involved with transferring the funds is high then the accounts are cheaper. There are many risks involved in operations like that. Anything from getting the funds flagged to getting caught by feds can happen. These funds are usually transferred to bank accounts like Skrill, Cashapp and more.

Stolen Credit Cards

The sale of illicit goods on the dark-net is not a new concept. For years, vendors have been making illegal goods available to the public. The most common good sold on the dark-net comes in the form of a text. Stolen Credit card numbers. For years, most dark-net market have been hosting thousands of stolen credit-card listings.

Many vendors have a consistent source of fresh credit cards. These credit cards are stolen using all types of attacks. The most common form is phishing but some vendors get their cards in more unique ways.

These cards are used by buyers for all types of goods and services. Most people tend to buy items online using these cards. More advanced buyers also do money transfers in different ways. The dark-net credit card industry grew so big, you can buy credit cards with custom bins that are more likely to work in some areas.

Hacking Services

Many hackers decided to change things up. Instead of working for their own benefit, some choose to work for others. It is not uncommon to find hackers for hire on the dark-net. There are many markets and forums that get kickbacks for hacking services.

Hackers available for hire can perform all types of attacks. Anything from zero-day exploits to spreading malware and even DDoS attacks can be purchased. Some hackers even claim to hack social media accounts although we have doubts in that.

These hacking services tend to be sought by many different people. Some want to bring down their competitors, and some are fraudsters. No matter the fact, these services are quite common on the dark-net.

This is a surprising fact, but even the government can seek hackers on the dark-net. One example involves a government agency seeking to employ hackers. Two Russian spies hired hackers to infiltrate Yahoo. They used the information for targeted attacks on different individuals. Government employees and individual users were affected by this.


The dark-net is not new, but the same goes to cyber-criminal attacks. Cyber-criminals have existed for ages by have never been thriving this much. This is mainly due to the dark-net. Without it, it would not be this easy to perform all of these different criminal activities. Although cyber-criminals will always be around no matter what, targeting the dark-net will reduce their activities.

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