Invictus Market - The Next Generation Marketplace?

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Invictus Market is a new dark-net market that officially launched in August this year. The market is developed and operated by the infamous Imperiya team. The Imperiya team focuses on developing markets for clients with years of experience. For months now, the team has been hyping Invictus up. It's time to find out if it was worth the wait. Invictus is a traditional dark-net market, hosting all types of goods and services.

Design & Interface

Invictus market does not look unfamiliar, rocking the now standardized dark-net market interface. The Design of Invictus is good looking but has room for improvement. There are a few noticeable glitches in the design of the site when scaling the browser window. Invectus features a traditional top-bar with all of the account options. On the left hand side there is a menu with all the market categories. Bellow that there are more account options and the latest price of the accepted cryptocurrencies. Bellow the top-bar, an advanced search query with filters can be located. Invictus Market also offers a good looking mobile mode, making it easy for users to place orders using smartphones.


Invictus Market is a feature rich market. It comes with all the traditional market features, alongside a few unique touches. Invictus accepts Bitcoin, Monero and Litecoin. All three cryptocurrencies can be deposited into the built-in wallet found on the market. The market features traditional escrow support but not multisig. Invictus claims that multisig functionality is being implemented. PGP support can also be found on invictus and can be used to encrypt messages or 2FA logins. The marketplace also offers a built in PGP tool that we do not recommend using for security reasons. For market users looking to make some quick cash, thee is a bug bounty program available.


Invictus is not a bad marketplace. Overall the market is a solid choice and is better than many new dark-net market but we see room for improvement. Considering the market has been developed by a team that develops dark-net markets we are a bid disappointed. A market from a team like Imperiya is meant to be flawless but that is simply not the case. The built in PGP tool is also a weird choice of features considering the security risks it poses. If the market stores some kind of logs, a seized server can spell lots of trouble for its users. For now Invictus is still a new market, only time will tell how things will turn out.

Details about Invictus Market

Item Type Status
Name Invictus Market
Started Operating 2020 · August · 20
Currencies accepted BTC, XMR, LTC
Status DOWN
Escrow Yes
Multisig No
2FA Yes


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sites a joke put 50$ in it just to see everything was pretty much in south africa i tried to withdraw but its been 4 months i think the sites gone

Invictus is a scam. I tried to buy something off there, and I can see that my BTC was transferred - the hash id was confirmed. My order was never sent, and although I’ve created about five tickets and sent 15+ messages to invictus they haven’t answered at all in over a month. This site sucks, it’s a total s**m.

They're holding my withdraw since over 2 weeks.

Bé carrefull, no sellers, no staff, its scamm.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

placed an order and everything is ok why is everyone calling this a scam market?