5 Eyes, 9 Eyes, & 14 Eyes Countries - Who is spying on you !?


"If you've even dipped a toe into the world of VPN and Privacy you probably come across the term's like '5-Eye' or '14-Eye Countries' , but what are these countries and what do they do?"

Cold War

Basically they're a group of countries that have agreed to share military intelligence. Five eyes alliance started in the 1940s as an agreement between the US and UK later expanded to also include Canada Australia and New Zealand. Originally it was meant as a way for the west to get a leg up in the cold game.

The 14 eyes alliance is the same concept that includes more countries in addition to the original five they got Denmark ,France the Netherlands ,Norway ,Germany ,Belgium ,Italy ,Spain and Sweden. But the Cold War is over so what do these agreements have to do with you and your anonymous internet activity?

NSA Leak

Well according to the 2013 NSA leaks provided for us by Edward Snowden 'The good guy' these agreements have been used to get around laws that prohibit countries from spying on their own citizens. So if your VPN logs any of your data the government of the country they are located in can legally compel them to head over that info. Which then can be shared among any of the 14-Eye countries.


Be smart choose a VPN that doesn't keep any logs and is physically located outside the 14-Eye countries agreement!