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White House Market is a very established marketplace. It first came online in mid 2019 and since then skyrocketed in popularity. Since its launch, White House went on to become the leading dark-net market. Currently, White House Market facilitates thousands of vendors and over 100,000 users.

About White House

The White House Market stands out from its competition more than one way. Unlike most dark-net markets, user registration is not required. One other notable thing about this market is that no vendor bond is required to sell. The market takes a 5% cut from every sale.

Design & Interface

White House Market is a relatively good looking marketplace. The market design is modern while the interface is relatively easy to use and navigate. Improvements can be made to the design and functionality but overall this is a solid market.

White House focuses on the international market. It allows you to search for products priced in most popular currencies including EUR, USD, GBP and AUD. All the product categories can be accessed bellow the top-bar with an advanced search query located right bellow that.

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Security & Features

White House Market offers all the ordinary dark-net market features. Almost no special feature can be found on this marketplace which is not a bad thing. This market is focused on pure functionality and security keeping things simple. Beyond traditional escrow, multisig transactions are supported. PGP encryption use is mandatory for communication and can be used for 2FA login.

As mentioned earlier, White House is a security driven market. One way it achieves higher security is by only allowing the use of Monero. The market also has a bug bounty program which rewards people for finding and reporting bugs on the site.

The Market also stores the funds earned from vendor fees in offline storage. Offline storage, so called "cold" storage is much safer than online "hot" storage. This means it is pretty much untouchable.


White House Market is already one of the biggest marketplaces on the dark-net. The market is vendor friendly thus makes it easy to start selling. On the flip side, buyers have to be more vigilante since anyone can just start selling with no bond. Compared to most other dark-net market, its security standards are very high. Forcing users to use PGP and only allowing the use of Monero increases the security of the market.

Currently White House Market has over 100,000 users and upwards of 40,000 listings. Last years this market was certainly not the first choice for most people, but things have changed. The recent exit scams including the empire market exit scam have helped the market grow.

Details about WhiteHouseMarket

Item Type Status
Name WhiteHouseMarket
Started Operating 2019 · September · 26
Currencies accepted XMR
Status UP
Escrow Yes
Multisig Yes
2FA Yes

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