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Balkan Trade Route is a new dark-net marketplace that just launched in March of 2020. On it you can find all types of products ranging from drugs to digital goods. Administrators of the market claim that Balkan Trade Route is a security driven marketplace. This market was built from the ground up using Core PHP.

Design & Interface

The Balkan Trade Route is not a very unique marketplace. The markets main goal is security, and keeping things simple is one way to reduce flaws. Just like on most dark-net markets, a main-bar with all the user options can be found at the top. Orders, Messages and other account related options can all be found there. Bellow that, located on the left-hand side is a menu with all the market categories. Alternative market mirrors and cryptocurrency prices are both located bellow that. A simple search query is also present and is located right bellow the main-bar.

Balkan Trade Route homepage

Features & Security

Balkan trade route is a very simple market. There is nothing special about it other than its simplicity and security. The database of the market is encrypted to prevent user data leaks if the server gets seized. Traditional PGP support can be found and is used for encrypting messages and 2FA logins. You can verify that you are visiting an authentic Balkan Trade Route link by checking '/mirrors.txt'.

No built in wallet can be found on the market. Cryptocurrency can be deposited directly once an order is place. Both Bitcoin and Monero are accepted on the market with wider cryptocurrency support coming in the future. Traditional escrow support is features on the market alongside multisig for both BTC and XMR transactions.


Balkan Trade Route is one of the simplest markets to launch this year. With security being its only priority, the simplicity does not come as a surprise. The market is good looking and has all the basic features you need to have a safe shopping experience on the dark-net.

Details about Balkan Trade Route

Item Type Status
Name Balkan Trade Route
Started Operating 2020 · May · 01
Currencies accepted BTC, XMR
Status DOWN
Escrow Yes
Multisig Yes
2FA Yes


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