A Missouri resident has Plead Guilty to the Purchase of Chemical Weapons Online


A Missouri resident has plead guilty to charges related to the purchase of chemical weapons. The man from Missouri was trying to buy chemical weapons from a dark-net market using cryptocurrency.

About the Arrest

45 Year old "Jason William Siesser" from Columbia plead guilty to a federal court judge. He was being charged with 1 federal count of attempting to obtain a chemical weapon. Another count for identity theft.

His guilty plea was before U.S Magistrate Judge "Magistrate Judge Willie J. Epps, Jr". The plea meant that the defendant admitted to the accusation that he tried buying a chemical weapon. The attempt to purchase the weapon was made on June 12 and August 23 of 2018. The plea also stated that the intentions to use the chemical weapon were far from peaceful.

An investigation found that the suspect has also committed identity fraud. Siesser was intending to ship the weapon to an address belonging to a juvenile. The juvenile has not given any prior authorization for the use of that address meaning it was illegal. The stolen identity was then going to be used to ship substances that are lethal enough to kill several people.

Siesser was reportedly cryptocurrency to fund his orders. He has used Bitcoin in order to pay for two 10ml units of the chemical weapon in July of 2018. After the dark-net seller failed to reach his end of the bargain he was contacted by Siesser. He sent a message saying "I plan to use it soon after I receive it".

Huge amount of Lethal Chemicals

It is said that Siesser later went on to order three more 10ml units of the lethal substance. He paid for that order in cryptocurrency in August of 2018. The order was equivalent to roughly $150. Law enforcement noted that the substance ordered was enough to kill hundreds.

The police discovered that a controlled delivery of the package was being made to the suspect. On August 23, Siesser confirmed the delivery of the package by signing. He then proceeded to carry the substance into his residence.

A search warrant was issued by authorities and executed later that day. The authorities confirmed that they acknowledged the suspects illicit activity. Officers went on to find the chemical weapon on a shelf in the suspects garage. Along with the weapon they found 2 unopened shipping boxes.

The police operation yielded a lot of toxic chemicals. They found 10g of toxic cadmium arsenide which can kill humans on inhalation. About 100g of cadmium metal and 500ml of hydrochloric acid were also found. Most importantly agents seized the invoice for the order that point to the fact the products were purchased on March 30.

After further investigations police found notes withing the residence that would explain a lot. The suspect was noting his emotional struggles. The Missouri man was also experiencing anger and heartache following a failed relationship. The writings indicated that Siesser had murderous thoughts.

The defendant faces a minimum sentence of five years by law. The sentence is without parole and the maximum penalty is life imprisonment without parole.

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According to law enforcement terrorism is on the rise. The devastation caused by the ongoing corona-virus pandemic has produced yet another effect. Biological Terrorism is on the rise.

At the opening of the years virtual Counter-Terrorism Week the Un Secretary General issued a warning. The Secretary General stated that a significantly high number of criminal groups chose to exploit the pandemic. COVID-19 crisis is causing more pathogen-based terror attacks.