Masterminds behind the recent Twitter Attacks arrested




A teenager from Florida is being charged for being the mastermind in the recent twitter attacks. 2 more people have been arrested in connection to the case, one British national in California, and a 22 year old woman from Florida.

The group behind the attack

All three were identified as the hackers that took over the platform’s internal systems. The three then took over Twitter accounts belonging to notable individuals across many spheres of life. Popular politicians, celebrities and tech gurus were affected by the attacks.

After pulling off one of the most talked about hack in recent history, the authorities lifted the lid on the suspects whereabouts. The hackers managed to scam victims and ended up with over $120,000 in bitcoin.

In highlight, among the three suspects was 17-year-old, Graham Ivan Clark. Graham was apprehended in Tampa, with a news release intimating that he will be prosecuted as an adult.

Clark is facing thirty felony charges in a high profile case. This case is set to serve as a case study for cyber-criminal incidents orchestrated by minors.

The worst hacking Job in history

David L. Anderson, U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of California made a statement on the case. He pointed out that it is a cyber-criminal error to think that such attacks could be conducted with no trail or consequences.

The official asserted that charging the suspects made a huge statement. This case can be used as an example to other hackers targeting secure environments for profit.

The fact that Clark was the leader of the Twitter hack highlights the uniqueness of the case. FBI and the U.S. Department of Justice both investigated the attack but now will hand the case over to the Florida state court. This is done in order to allow the court to charge the minor involved in the case as an adult.

Otherwise, it turns out that security pundits were rather unsurprised by recent details about the case. Specifically the realization that the accused mastermind of the hack is a 17-year-old. Experts noted the amateurish nature of the operation to back this point. The fact that the threat actors were willing to speak about the attack with reporters online says a lot about their hacking nature.

One Jake Williams, the founder of the cybersecurity company Rendition Infosec reflected on the case. He highlighting the role of technology in enabling the planning and execution of serious criminal acts.

Like other experts, Williams was not surprised by the fact that one of the suspects linked to the attack is a minor. According to many experts, not much work was invested into development of the attack.

Williams termed the hackers’ actions as “extremely sloppy” in how they attempted to launder the stolen Bitcoins. The hackers failed to employ traditional methods to obscure the coins origins and just sent it directly to the exchange.

The threat actors just got lucky and managed to access twitters back end. The people behind the attacks are clueless and don't know much about technology or bitcoin. They really made it look like they thought they can get away just by using bitcoin, which is simply not the case.

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