Finding Drugs Online is too easy with Dark Web



The Dark Web is not indexed by search engines, and users must find it with the anonymous application Tor. Clients interact anonymously with Dark network sellers at secure channels, then buy illegal goods with cryptocurrencies. Thanks to its obscurity, the Dark web tends to be the center for online drug sales.

Size of opertions

This online drug business is flourishing on the black web, sites that aren’ ’t indexed by standard search engines and are just available but through special web browsers such as Tor. In Jan 2016, only, drug revenues at cryptomarkets tallied between $ 12 million and $ 21.1 million, in 2018 it's estimited to be over 640 million now it's a multi bilion operation according to the investigation by RAND EU. Every day more tech-savvy teenagers are getting their way to these illegal marketplaces.

Darkweb health care

As any recreational drug user on the Dark Web(or someone too ashamed to ask the doctor for boner pills) knows, online vendors give the same medicines otherwise just available by prescription. This may be somewhat scary prospect.


Trust plays an important role in dark web markets. Trust in a Web vendor or a virtual team member is rated and earned by work of vendor/group. So it's too eazy to know who to buy from and who to avoid


Dark Net is a risky area. It is planned to defend the anonymity of users, but it may require safety hazards. All sorts of hacks and malwares lurk on these secret connections in the Dark web. Thus, people desiring explorations of the Dark Net system should perform research about the safety matters to protect their system.


Technologies behind Tor allows user's to slip under the radar of authorities , that's how multi bilion markets are created. Buying is eazy and safe as long as you don't do what you don't understand. Do not trust anyone biuld trust step by step. And know your operational security level




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