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Global Dreams is a well established dark-net vendor that has been around for years. Over the years he built a good reputation and launched his own vendor shop. Global Dreams has already gained some popularity and trust and is slowly becoming a well established shop. On it you can find all types of drugs including psychedelics, stimulants, dissociatives and cannabis. The shop ships all over the world and has very good ratings.

Design & Features

The design of the site is very minimal, the site looks modern and is obviously built from scratch. The shops interface is very basic. On the front page you can find every product available on the shop. There is only one navigation bar located at the top of the website. It contains a simple search query, account options, a shopping cart and all of the vendor policies. PGP is supported and messages are encrypted automatically for security purposes. Unfortunately 2FA support is non existent. Global Dream is a wallet-less market. An account is not required to place orders and only bitcoin is accepted.

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Global Dreams is a trusted vendor shop that has gained a good reputation over the years. The site itself is very basic and lacks a few needed security features, but overall it's just fine. We would love to see 2FA support added to the shop alongside with more cryptocurrency support.

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