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Asean Market is a relatively new dark-net market that just launched in March of 2020. It is not yet a very well established market but is already growing faster than most new market and is building trust, and a reputation for the simple and modern user interface. The market offers responsive, 24/7 support for any questions or issues. Asean Market has 2 goals, first one is to be a secure market with great OPSEC and the second goal is to become the top long-term dark-net market that is trusted and reliable.


Asean Market was built from ground up by experienced dark-net market developers. It rocks a very sleek and modern user interface that is simple to navigate. Just like on most markets, on the left hand side of Asean Market you can find a sidebar with all the product categories. Bellow that you can see the latest market price for the two cryptocurrencies that are accepted on the market, Bitcoin and Monero. On top of all that you can find links that take you to static pages with everything you need to know about the market. Once you login menu bar appears on the top of the page with different account options.

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Features & Security

Asean has most of the classic dark-net market features and a few unusual ones. Traditional escrow support can be found on the market, alongside with FE for trusted vendors. PGP support is also existent and can be used for encrypting messages and for 2FA login for added security. The market has a built in wallet and does not allow wallet-less orders. The escrow system on Asean is managed by 'Scam Hunters'. The market claims that Scam Hunters is a system what will hunt down vendors or buyers doing selective scamming and will expose them on different forums. This system works by detecting scam patterns or when enough evidence is submitted. The market also features a fake review detection system that will punish vendors for fake reviews.


Overall the Asean Market is an excellent choice. It is simple to use, looks great, features good security and has great anti scam features. Currently the market has over 2,000 listings we believe that if their long-term goal of becoming the no.1 trusted and reliable dark-net market is true then the market will become one of the largest players in the game.

Details about Asean Market

Item Type Status
Name Asean Market
Started Operating 2020 · March · 01
Currencies accepted BTC, XMR
Status DOWN
Escrow Yes
Multisig No
2FA Yes


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is it down or when is he back

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wtf is this garbage. more like asian market

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placed an order for some glass. market looking good so far - give it some time and we will know for sure.