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HeinekenExpress is a dark-net vendor that has been around on multiple markets for over 5 years. Recently, HeinekenExpress launched a vendor shop. This vendor store specializes in drugs. On it, you can find all types of drugs ranging from psychedelics, to cannabis and more. The store is already gaining popularity and claims to have shipped over 20,000 packages to almost every country.

Design & Features

The store looks very minimalistic and sleek. It has a nice dark green color scheme and is simple and easy to navigate. On the front page you can find a convenient category filter, alongside a search query and crypto market price. HeinekenExpress accepts Bitcoin, Litecoin and Monero. A PGP key can be added for encrypting messages and 2FA login.


HeinekenExpress is a trusted and reputable dark-net vendor that has been around for years. His new vendor shop is great, easy to use and secure. The store also hosts monthly and weekly lotto, the winners get free goods.

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By: bigboss255

Rated: 5/5

On: Oct. 6, 2020

Hey bought from you before across a number of market places going back...i'd love to just get in contact with you, i'm interested in possibly buying multiple products of yours and i'm domestic. thanks so much btw this vendor is legit, and offered to replace products/ghb that had burst open in the envelope...totally free of charge and ASAP. So this guy calling him is a scammer...obviously didn't contact him properly and is just most likely a dingbat. Out tens of thousands of transactions there's gonna be a few idiots. But i can vouch for this guy personally and I just wish his vendor urls worked at the moment.

By: Danira

Rated: 1/5

On: Aug. 31, 2020

F****n scammer.. finalized early yet i got AN EMPTY package Hope somebody kills him