BitBazaar Market has exit scammed.

BitBazaar exit scammed

BitBazaar was a relatively big market. Even though it did not launch that long ago the market has just exit scammed. After only operating for a year, the market owner decided to leave with all the escrow balance. Moderators from the market claimed that they lost access to their accounts.

What Happened?

At first people noticed that support stopped working. All the mods were removed, and admin profiles were disabled. BitAsk went offline and vendors could no longer access their panel. When users attempted to withdraw their balance the market redirected them to the homepage.


BitBazaar has been involved in unusual activity in the past and some people have seen this coming a long time ago. In the past BitBazaar was caught manipulating votes. Some admins claim that BitBazaar got hacked but most evidence suggests it is yet another exit-scam. On a positive note, DarkMarket is accepting all BitBazaar vendors with over 100 sales on their market without a vendor bond.