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Dark Fox Market is a relatively new darknet marketplace. Since its launch in May 2020, the market has grown into one of the largest dark-net markets. The market prides itself as being built from scratch unlike most competitors. On DarkFox Market you can find all types of products ranging from drugs to digital goods & fraud.

Design & Interface

Overall, DarkFox is a good looking market. The design is relatively modern and unique. The interface looks very familiar and rocks the typical, easy to use dark-net market layout. DarkFox features a traditional top-bar with all the account options. On the right hand side, there are two bars containing very useful tools. One of the side-bars contains all the market categories, alongside an advanced search query. Bellow that, a second side-bar can be located containing a vendor search. A unique thing to this market is the account information box that can be located bellow the top-bar. That box contains many important account stats including security and balance.

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Features & Security

DarkFox market has a built in wallet. This means that orders cannot be paid directly. This also indicates that registrations is required before placing an order. Unfortunately Dark Fox only accepts Bitcoin. We are expecting to see support for more currencies in the future, especially privacy coins like monero.

Dark Fox Market offers a credit card section. This is not unusual for a dark-net market but what makes this one stand out is the advanced search query for cards. You can lookup card by their bin, country, expiration and more. Once you find one you like and place the order it will be automatically delivered. If the card is out of stock you will be able to see that before placing the order.

Dark Fox Market is a fully featured marketplace and offers a wide range of features. Escrow support can be found on the market, alongside 2/3 Multisig. Trusted vendors are allowed to use Early Finalization or 50% FE. For added security the market offers PGP support for encrypting messages and 2FA Logins.


Overall, Dark Fox Market is a very solid option and offers a wide variety of great features. The markets advanced Credit Card lookup section makes it stand out from most of it's competitors. Despite the fact that Dark Fox launched only a Few months ago the market already has over 8,000 listings and is expected to grow rapidly.

Details about Dark Fox Market

Item Type Status
Name Dark Fox Market
Started Operating 2020 · January · 03
Currencies accepted BTC
Status UP
Escrow Yes
Multisig Yes
2FA Yes

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