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The Grass Company is a darkweb vendor shop that has been around for more than a year now. Having said that, the vendor team has actually been active on various darknet markets long before the relatively recent launch of their own vendor shop. The Grass Company is a weed- and hash-focused shop that ships worldwide except Australia, India and the United States.


The Grass Company team is one that looks to improve their platform constantly. They have recently created and moved to newer version of their shop that adds many new features: a forum, a cooler interface, live chat support and a gambling game. The new interface is simple, intuitive and never hard to grasp.

The homepage shows a list for the top products as well as a list for news posted by the shop team. The left-hand sidebar, however, is where all the important things are. As can be seen in the screenshot, the sidebar outlines the various sections of the site. There are the forum section, the FAQ page, the shop's PGP key. The next thing on the sidebar is the categories list, which facilitates finding desired products based on types. Below that lies the account-related sections. Since The Grass Company is a single-vendor shop and thus doesn't contain many listings, search functionality has been dropped.


The Grass Company shop can be viewed without registration; however, account registration is required for making orders. The registration process is quite simple and only requires a username and password. If one is willing to use the shop frequently, they can submit a public PGP key to enable 2FA and to act as a measure against password loss.

Orders and Purchases

Originally, only Bitcoin (BTC) was accepted on The Grass Company, but as the team promised they have added Monero (XMR) and Litecoin (LTC) as additional means of payment. However, XMR and LTC aren't fully functional yet.

The Grass Company is a wallet-less shop, meaning that you only deposit crypto when you're going through the process of making an order. This drastically reduces chances of an exit scam since there's little incentive for them. Having said that, The Grass Company is well-established and enjoys good reputation. To place an order one needs to choose the quantity of the product he/she wishes to buy as well as the variation. After adding to the cart, one then needs to choose the shipping method, choose the payment option and provide the shipping address encrypted with the shop's PGP key (the PGP key can be found on the sidebar).


The Grass Company vendor team prides itself on being very good at stealth. Feedback from customers approves! The shop ships from the Netherlands worldwide except, as previously mentioned, Australia, India and the US. There are many shipping options on the shop that one can choose from; they vary in shipment speed. Moreover, shipping costs within Europe are dropped. Tracking is available only for orders of 20 grams or more. Furthermore, less than 9 grams orders are be shipped in envelopes, while more than that will be shipped in packages. In cases of loss or seizure of products during shipment, the shop states it will reship or refund 50%.


Judging from the positive feedback from happy customers seen around, The Grass Company is a trusted and loved vendor. Their constant improving of their platform is particularly impressive.

Details about The Grass Company

Item Type Status
Name The Grass Company
Started Operating 2020 · April · 01
Currencies accepted BTC
Status DOWN
Escrow No
Multisig No
2FA Yes


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I wanna buy from the store! I’m from Saudi Arabia.

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good smokes

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good service, not best product

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Great bud, seriously fast shipping but crushed.If the buds were a bit rounder would be D O P E.

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