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Big Blue Market is a relatively new darknet marketplace that has a rich set of features. The new market prides itself on having a 24/7 active support team ready to help customers as soon as they are needed. Big Blue also focuses on security and implements many anti-phishing measures. Noteworthy, however, is that there have been increasing concerns over Big Blue’s security. However, these concerns are not about the market’s security features and options for user accounts; rather, they are about Big Blue’s underlying web servers software and implementation. Nevertheless, we’ll also discuss these concerns in this review of Big Blue Market.


Big Blue’s user interface is pretty modern and rich. A top bar shows and allows navigation to all the different site pages. A smaller bar situated right below shows the user’s balance as well as notifications for received messages. As tradition dictates, a categories sidebar is seen on the left side of Big Blue’s home page where the different kinds of products are listed. Underneath that we can find an advanced search function with many filters. One can choose from many filters such as price ranges, ratings, vendor levels, stealth ratings and origin and destination.


When registering on Big Blue market, one needs to set a username, a password and a PIN number. This PIN is used to confirm purchases, withdrawals, account changes and all sensitive processes. After completing the registration process a passphrase is displayed once for the user to save. This phrase can be used in the future if the password or pin are ever forgotten. As an additional security measure, one can submit a public PGP key and then enable 2FA log in. This, however, is mandatory for vendors. Big Blue market uses other innovative security features. Accounts get frozen after 3 invalid PIN attempts. If in such case, the account can only be defrozen then with the passphrase that was displayed during the registration process. After loging in, a phrase set by the user is displayed on the homepage to assure that the user is not on a phishing mirror. Furthermore, password recovery requests are processed manually by admins. Also, when loging in simultaneously from two different devices a message is displayed suggesting the user to change their password immediately. Lastly, the market implements anti-phishing measures such as displaying dummy pictures when depositing or simply when on the homepage. One drawback to mention here is how Big Blue market requires you to increase your browser’s screen size for it to render normally. We all know how that makes browsers susceptible to fingerprinting.


Only Bitcoin is accepted as a payment method on Big Blue market but the admins state they are considering addomg more cryptocurrencies in the future. A wide variety of products can be bought and sold on Big Blue, ranging from drugs to digital goods. After depositing Bitcoin successfully, users can easily order products on Big Blue. One great feature about Big Blue market is that it maintains a vendor statistics page. In this page, one can view a list of all the vendors on the market sorted by either ratings, number of sales or stealth ratings. This is very valuable to buyers as it helps them make better purchasing decisions. The market offers escrow for orders. However, it also grants highly-rated vendors FE capabilities. Fees are taken from both buyers and vendors. However, as vendors level up through rating, these fees decrease in respect. After finalizing orders, buyers can leave feedback for products. Furthermore, vendors can ask their buyers to leave feedback through the “ask for feedback” feature in case buyers forgot to. Apparently, feedbacks are taken seriously by Big Blue as it allows them to give precise rankings to vendors. As for those aiming to become vendors, the vendor bond on Big Blue market is $250 and it is nonrefundable. However, vendors who are well-established on other markets may contact the support to be given a vendor account without a bond.

Security Concerns

Our peers at claim that they have successfully hacked Big Blue market twice. What’s more shocking is that one of the hacks was pulled off by simple sql injection. Thankfully, they have informed Big Blue about this and have not made the details of the hacks public. Coupled with this is that many seem unpleasant about the market and claim they have been cheated or locked out of their accounts. Moreover, the market’s been having trouble staying live lately. Probably due to maintenance or DDOS. Judging from this, we advise our readers to not use this market unless after things unravel. We’ll update this article once we get new info.


Big Blue market is a budding feature rich market. However, the alleged hacks and the overall sentiment about it now is not very pleasant.

Details about Big Blue Market

Item Type Status
Name Big Blue Market
Started Operating 2019 · November · 10
Currencies accepted BTC, DASH
Status DOWN
Escrow Yes
Multisig No
2FA Yes


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★ ★ ★

How to get refund

i've been trying to enter all the week to check if there has been any problem with my purchase, always same result: Onionsite Not Found losing the hope, if anyone can help i'ld glad ahahah

★ ★ ★ ★

Mods have always been legit with me. Been hacked twice, but retrieved my account both times. Even got refunded for a bitcoin wallet mishap. The site has periods of stability, then goes up and down like a bi-polar Yoyo. I agree current downtime is likely DDos attacks, as they themselves warned. I have done dozens of trades from Blue and no hassle.

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nobody knows looks like scam system...goodvendors dissa

Looks bad. Inefficient front with heavy css. Don't adapt to different screen sizes. Simply unprofessional!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Great makret I just had a pack land! Dont belive the hype

★ ★

Beware this market is fishy business, check dread big blue is scammy.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

great store. always works and item arrives

★ ★ ★ ★

Good market but looks unclassy.

★ ★ ★

From my experience not that great. Security is pure garbage.