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Dark Market could already be called a well established dark-net marketplace. Since its first launch in the middle of 2019, things have changed drastically for Dark Market. Currently the market holds the top dark-net market position. Its position can be explained by the trust the market gained from its user base over the last year. Currently the marketplace has over 40,000 product listings and thousands of customers. Not to forget, the market also has about a thousand vendors. Dark Market contains listings for all types of products, ranging from drugs, to digital fraud.


Dark market is not that special. The design of the market is relatively modern but can be slightly improved. The user interface follows the traditional dark-net market design. A bar is located at the top containing all the user account options. Bellow that there is an advanced search query with filters for sorting listings. And a menu containing all the product categories can be located at the left hand side of the market.

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Dark Market does not lack any features. This marketplace is on par with all of its competition and beats some of the top marketplaces to ever surface. The market is walet-less, meaning a deposit takes place while ordering. From cryptocurrencies, the market currently only supports Bitcoin and Monero. Traditional escrow, alongside multisig is present. The market encrypts all the communications with PGP encryption. This encryption can also be used for 2FA login for added security.

The Market also offers monthly competition giveaways. The winner of the competition receives a 3-month premium vendor banner ad slot on the front page. According to the community, another perk of this market is the support team behind it. Most claim that the support team is very helpful and quick to respond.


Dark Market is a very interesting dark-net market. It has not been around for a very long time but is already very well established compared to its competition. With approximately 40,000 product listings, this market has more listings than most competitors. In a period of low trust in dark-net market, Dark Market is looking very promising. This market has already been around for longer than most of its competition. Its success makes sense considering all the nice features this market offers. It is also good to note that Dark Market is a very secure marketplace. It uses encryption for all communication, meaning any stolen data is useless. The Monero support is also a great security benefit since its transactions cannot be tracked. Overall Dark Market looks like a solid choice that most people are going for.

Details about Dark Market

Item Type Status
Name Dark Market
Started Operating 2019 · June · 12
Currencies accepted BTC, XMR
Status DOWN
Escrow Yes
Multisig Yes
2FA Yes

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