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Created in the spring of 2019, Yellow Brick Market is a Wizard of Oz-themed darknet marketplace. It currently offers nearly 1,000 product listings, making it a relatively small DNM. The platform hasn’t faced any serious crisis yet, but it has periodically suffered from stability issues. It’s not uncommon for the Yellow Brick Market to be down for days at a time before coming back online, though users’ balances have returned fine so far after these outages. There are also complaints that this marketplace can be buggy, with categories displaying incorrectly, for example. In order to sell on this site, vendors have to put up a 0.03 Bitcoin (BTC) bond, and the admins take a 4 percent cut from all ensuing sales.


The Yellow Brick Market makes use of a reputation system in its user interface, so it’s easy to track how reputable a vendor is when searching through offerings. A featured listings section allows users to easily search through spotlighted products that are likely to be of interest to the marketplace’s top users. The site also offers a “Yellow Brick Discount Wall” to its premium customers where buyers can browse products that are on sale. The platform naturally provides various product categories, but drugs are by far the most popularly dealt product thereon.


The Yellow Brick Market offers escrow support, as well as a “Finalize Early” feature and a “Half-Finalize Early” feature. The Half-FE option lets trusting buyers immediately release half of a transaction’s funds to a vendor up front and then the second half upon receipt of goods. PGP communications are mandatory on the site, but multisig transactions aren’t currently supported.


Beyond support for 2FA logins, the Yellow Brick Market doesn’t directly offer much in the way of security measures. It will be up to users to interact with the DNM as securely as possible.


Some users have said they found the Yellow Brick Market to offer a smooth darknet marketplace experience, while others have argued the opposite. If you decide to take the dive, note that users can only register for the site via invite code. While the code is readily available online, this DNM uses registration cycles so you won’t be able to join at any given time. Also, it’s worth noting that some people have alleged the Yellow Brick Market was a scam in the past, though these charges apparently stemmed from the marketplace’s propensity for maintenance downtime.

Details about Yellow Brick Market

Item Type Status
Name Yellow Brick Market
Started Operating 2019 · April · 27
Currencies accepted BTC
Status DOWN
Escrow Yes
Multisig No
2FA Yes

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