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White House Market is a darknet marketplace that first came online in 2019. Since then, the platform has gone on to facilitate hundreds of product listings and service a small, global community of users. In several ways, this site stands out from the crowd. Unlike many other popular dark-net markets, user registration is notably required on the White House Market. Conversely, vendors don’t have to pay a bond to sell through the site, which is an atypical dynamic compared to the bond systems found on many competitor marketplaces. The White House Market’s cut is 5 percent of every sale.


This marketplace offers a European-centric interface, as it allows users to search for products priced in either euros (EUR) or in Monero (XMR), the privacy-optimized cryptocurrency that is the site’s only supported tender since it facilitates anonymous payments. Supported product categories include drugs, fraud offerings, software, non-violent services, and counterfeits. A sub-category system also helps users fine-tune their searches. Search results in the market’s dashboard are sorted in rows by vendor, then category, then product.


Beyond multisig transactions, White House Market offers the other basic features you’d expect from a DNM, namely escrow support for transaction protections, 2FA logins, and mandatory PGP communications between buyers and sellers. The site’s admins haven’t ruled out adding multisig support at some point in the future.


White House Market has two main security mechanisms: its support for Monero-only payments and its open bug bounty program, which rewards anyone able to find flaws in the platform’s code.

Also, the funds the market earns from vendor fees are reportedly held in so-called “cold” offline storage, which is much safer than in a “hot” online wallet.


White House Market is a vendor-friendly darknet marketplace since it’s much easier for a seller to start vending on this site compared to most other active DNMs. On the other hand, that reality means in some cases buyers must be more cautious when making purchases on the White House Market because there’s no extensive vetting system for unproven sellers. The other main thing working against the site is its small size, which means it doesn’t boast the wide variety of products you’d expect from larger marketplaces. Still, its hundreds of active listings are enough for some, and there’s always the chance the White House Market will grow further from here. But it’s certainly not the first choice of many for now.

Item Type Status
Name WhiteHouseMarket
Started Operating 2019 · September · 26
Currencies accepted XMR
Status UP
Escrow Yes
Multisig Yes
2FA Yes

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