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The Versus Project is one of the newest darknet marketplaces on the scene, arriving at a time when concerns are peaking that larger DNMs like Empire Market will collapse. With that said, though, Versus Project is still unproven. The marketplace doesn’t have many vendors selling through its portal yet, which is certainly a factor to consider from a user experience (UX) perspective. If you have big demands, you’ll likely want to turn elsewhere. However, if you’re looking to start fresh with an entirely new DNM, Versus might be what you’re looking for. Can Versus grow much further from here? Sure. But for now the majority of that growth is in front of Versus rather than behind it. Furthermore, vendors must pay a bond of $250 to sell on the site.


Rather than constructing a simple copycat darknet marketplace, the Versus Project’s builders are trying to build a new kind of community project that users have just as much stake in as the admins. That’s where Versus seems fairly unique. Moreover, the creators have said they designed the platform with stability in mind, which is an interesting wrinkle insofar as many top DNMs are getting DDoS’d into oblvion as of late:

“This is merely an early alpha [version] and we invite you to participate, give us feedback and shape the market and our community. We developed Versus from scratch unlike other markets using bought scripts. We made sure it will stay stable even in times of heavy DDoS and it has been built with users security in mind from the very beginning.”


Since Versus is so new and so responsive to community feedback, it seems best to regard its features as almost entirely democratic. Functionalities can be voted in or out depending on what users demand, so that’s an important dynamic to consider. Beyond democratic feature decisions, Versus already offers escrow payments and multisig transactions.


Versus Project is ahead of the curve on privacy because it offers support for Monero (XMR) payments, which are anonymous compared to pseudonymous Bitcoin payments. Versus also mandates 2FA authentications for communications on its platform, which is a plus.


Versus Project is a young darknet marketplace, so it’s hard to say where it goes from here. It has potential, its proponents say, but the site could just as easily fall by the wayside over time. Only time will tell for now.

Details about The Versus Project

Item Type Status
Name The Versus Project
Started Operating 2020 · January · 02
Currencies accepted BTC, XMR
Status DOWN
Escrow Yes
Multisig Yes
2FA Yes


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Is down a lot, including all this weekend.

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I love Versus and it's my fav market! I hope they thrive and blow up! God speed boys and luck be with you!